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Two cheers for the stock market

The stock market had a massive rally yesterday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up over 200 points and the S&P 500 up better than 22 points.  (The Nasdaq, while still up big, was a relative laggard in percentage terms.) But before we start… more »

Daily Caller: One Nation, Under Fraud

Thanks to Mike R. for sending the Daily Caller article along. Every once in a while, a story comes along which reminds even die-hard libertarians, conservatives, and capitalists that there are some legitimate roles for government, that protecting… more »

With this government, plunging home sales is no surprise

Yesterday, the National Association of Realtors reported a record month-over-month drop in existing home sales.  It shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Please read my article on the subject at the American Spectator web site:… more »

Government Motors moving to become Half-Government Motors

Goverment Motors, formerly General Motors, is reportedly planning the second-biggest IPO in history, looking to raise up to $16 billion by selling about one fifth of the government’s stake, bringing total government ownership under 50%, according… more »

Rough morning coming in the stock market

On the heels of slightly weak data from China and Japan and England, and a huge jump in the US trade deficit, stock index futures are getting slammed this morning, with S&P 500 futures down almost 18 points, or 1.6%, and Dow Jones Industrial Average… more »

Michael Bennet, financial genius...not

Last week, the NY Times ran a front page article laying out potential financial damage to Denver Public Schools from a bond issuance done in early 2008 by the school district under the leadership of Michael “Who?” Bennet and Tom Boasberg.… more »

So much for Scott Brown

Sure, it’s useful to have a Republican rear end in “Ted Kennedy’s” Senate seat, and will be even more useful if it ends that Republicans have a one seat majority in the Senate following the next elections – a long-shot but… more »

Affirmative Action in Financial Regulation bill

H/T Christopher Sanders In this disturbing piece for, Diana Furchtgott-Roth explains how her search for derivates-related provisions in the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation power grab turned up an even more indisious landmine,… more »

Thursday morning market comment

[UPDATE: The market had a quiet morning until half an hour into the day when pending home sales numbers were reporting, showing a 30% plunge in May.  At the same time, as I predicted, the ISM manufacturing number came in at 56.2, below consensus and… more »

Wednesday morning market note: Private employment data damps bounce

Yesterday was a brutal day for the market, blasting through my first downside target of 10,000 on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and closing right at (just one point above) my second target of 1040 on the S&P 500. (To be clear, I didn’t… more »
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