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Dems destroying our republic with remarkable speed

Last night, the House of Representatives on a 219-206 vote passed the DISCLOSE Act, their latest assault on free speech rights of everyone but unions.  It's their push-back against the long overdue ruling in Citizens United, a ruling which overturned som… more »

Wednesday morning market note: hard to be bullish here

The stock market opened the day Wednesday (6/23/10) essentially flat but was hit fairly hard soon after the opening by news of a 33% plunge in new home sales for the month of May, far worse than the 19% drop which had been expected due to the end of gove… more »

Thoughts on June options expiration

I'm taking the day off from political blogging because my brain is always fried on expiration Thursday and Friday and I need to keep what little mental capacity I have left to try to make a few bucks on what are usually the two busiest trading days of th… more »

BP news and trading recap from Wednesday

I've been trading BP options lately.  I made a mistake yesterday by selling calls early in the day, essentially betting that the stock wouldn't have a substantial move upwards.  Given that BP execs were going to meet with the president and that there was… more »

Fannie and Freddie to be delisted from NYSE

Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE), the unholy devourers of taxpayer money in service of liberals' utopian visions of letting people with low incomes own homes they can't afford, are to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange because of stock pr… more »

Monday market comment

I'll keep this short because I didn't trade today... The market got hit hard in the last hour on continued fear about European problems, and who can blame investors for selling now and asking questions later. The Euro fell about 2 full cents against… more »

Friday market comment

Since I commented on the stock market yesterday afternoon, I'll add a note today as well. Today was options expiration.  For an options trader (like me), the last few days of an options expiration week are extremely intense, the equivalent of the playo… more »

Is Chris Dodd an idiot savant or just an idiot?

In a press conference earlier this morning lauding the passage of his horrendous financial regulation bill by the Senate, Chris Dodd said that legislation must recognize that we live in an interconnected world, Dodd said that problems from "a small count… more »

Here's what we think of your financial "reform"

The stock market made an attempt to stabilize at lower levels during the middle of this afternoon but was crushed, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling about 180 points in the last hour for a total fall of about 375 points on the day following n… more »

Ross on the Kudlow Report

While at the airport on the way to Chicago last Friday, I received a phone call from Eric, a producer for Larry Kudlow's program at CNBC saying that Mr. Kudlow would like me to be a guest on his show that very evening. With a few phone calls apologizin… more »
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