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The Chinese Yuan and senatorial economic idiocy

I was going to write a note about how boneheaded the Senate’s attack on China (pushing to have them labeled as a “currency manipulator") is, but Michael Schumah has done such a good job that I’ll simply point you to his piece and add a… more »

"Countrywide Chris" Dodd introduces financial "reform" bill

In an apparent attempt to get one last piece of financial market destruction (as if his championing, along with Barney Frank, of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hadn’t done enough damage), Senator Chris Dodd proposed over 1300 pages of financial… more »

Pondering financial markets

There has been a clear (if not perfect) correlation in recent months between the value of the dollar and the price of broad stock market indices, i.e. S&P 500. In particular, the market goes up when the dollar goes down.  See the chart below of the… more »

Record high mortgage delinquency rate

You can read the gory details of our current real estate situation in THIS article, and I recommend you do.  One remarkable lowlight: For the first time in history, the number of home loans which are 90-or-more days delinquent or in foreclosure is now,… more »

Boulder County not too broke to be fair on my property assessment

I criticize the government of the Peoples Republic of Boulder, both at the county and city levels, with some frequency. Therefore, it’s only fair that I give them credit when they do something right. Several months ago, I received a property… more »

Are we at a medium-term market top?

Several months ago, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the low-8000’s, I predicted that the stock market would be in a fairly long-term trading range of roughly 6500-9500.  Not too long afterwards, the market bottomed very close to my 6500… more »

Democrats fascism on the march; House committee votes to regulate executive pay

I don’t recall on which of the blogs I contribute to it was where I got a comment that the Administration does not want to broadly regulate executive pay. I said something like “Geithner has said it before and even though he’s… more »

Gov't report blames gov't for housing crisis

(H/T Connie Hair) It’s about time: Yesterday, House of Representative’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a new study entitled “The Role of Government Affordable Housing Policy in Creating the Global Financial… more »

The first shariah-compliant ETF

(H/T Delta Mike) Starting Monday, a company called Javelin Funds has launched the first Shariah-compliant ETF (exchange traded fund), essentially a tradeable basket or index of 100 companies, based on – wait for it – the Dow Jones Islamic… more »

Casey Research: A 20-Year Bear Market?

One of the most prolific (and one of my favorite) writers about economics and markets is John Mauldin. All the more remarkable is how much of his work is available for free (check out and In his… more »