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Government Motors T-Shirt

The hilarious misanthropic demotivators over at are selling a new Government Motors T-Shirt... more »

More on the GM bankruptcy

George Mason University economist Russ Roberts quoted the following extremely appropriate passage from Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations. The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals wou… more »

General Motors bankrupt; Government Motors coming soon

Following the anti-climactic filing of General Motors for bankruptcy protection, it's hard to see how the future looks much better for the company or the American taxpayer. For my more in-depth look at the GM bankruptcy, please see my article at Huma… more »

Interesting article about high-end real estate

According to this very interesting real estate blog entry entitled "High-End Foreclosures Are Next" by CNBC's Diana Olick, the high end of the real estate market is in much worse shape than recent slightly-bullish real estate headlines might make you thi… more »

GM bondholders doing the right thing

[Update: On Thursday morning, it appears that GM bondholders have changed their minds and agreed to take 10% of the company in exchange for their debt. Under the plan, if bankruptcy is averted (which is not at all clear it will be even with the bondhold… more »

Finally, more hedge funds push back on Chrysler cramdown

Three Indiana state pension funds are pushing back against the Obama adminstration's illegal "cramdown" of Chrysler bond holders. They've realized that their fiduciary responsibility is more important than their fear of demonization. The good news is th… more »

Fannie Mae burning through more taxpayer money

From Cato@Liberty, this news about Fannie Mae -- expected to incinerate more than $100 billion more taxpayer dollars this year -- and an interesting comparison by Steve Malanga with government promotion of home ownership in the 1920's...… more »

Cliff Asness: Unafraid in Greenwich Connecticut

Thanks to Mike for forwarding me this truly excellent article. I have verified that it was indeed written by Cliff Asness of AQR Capital Management, LLC. If I had money to allocate, this letter alone would make me want to invest in their firm. Unafr… more »

Just can't defend Goldman in AIG bailout

Over at, Eric Oberg explains why he believes the AIG bailout was "not a gift to Goldman". I disagree, and I told him so: Dear Eric, As a former CBOE market-maker and dyed-in-the-wool capitalist, I am not some sort of liberal who hate… more »

New GM CEO makes good impression on "Meet the Press"

Fritz Henderson, the acting CEO of GM, spent 15 minutes talking to David Gregory on "Meet the Press" yesterday. (The link contains the show's transcript.) I was fairly impressed, particularly by answers to two questions. Before I get to those, I'd lik… more »