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As I am spending hours and hours trying to plow my driveway during this blizzard, I haven't had time to write one of my usual excellent and incisive articles. Instead, let me refer to you to a reading list kindly provided by reader Bob M. of articles… more »
Giant squid caught on video by Japanese scientists story: pictures: When I can find a link to the video footage,… more »
Straight from the homeland of global warming alarmism and it’s worrier-in-chief, Tony Blair, come two interesting pieces of information about climate change…both of which are likely to be ignored by mainstream media in America because they do not jibe… more »
NY City has just passed a ban on the use of trans-fats in restaurants and food preparation in the city. By July 2007, no trans-fats will be allowed in "normal" frying and shortening, and by July 2008 trans-fats must be gone from baking and deep-frying.… more »
Today (11/29/06) the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Massachusetts v. EPA in which over 25 plaintiffs, including a dozen states, are suing the EPA. There are two fairly straight-forward questions at issue: 1) Does the EPA have… more »
Thanks again to Christopher for this one: Cold set to snap city record (Calgary Sun, 11/28) more »
see "Breakthrough in genetics sows better wheat seed" (SF Chronicle, 11/24/06) After cloning a gene from wild Israeli wheat into strains of modern American wheat, scientists have… more »
re "US pours scorn on international greenhouse tax proposal" Sydney Morning Herald, 11/20/06 To the Editors: The US and… more »
In April, two respected climatologists at Colorado State University, Philip Klotzbach and William Gray, released their 2006 hurricane forecast in which they called for "another very active Atlantic basin tropical cyclone season in 2006. Landfall… more »
This letter was sent to the editors of Scientific American by my Friend who is known on this blog as The Freak. Gentlemen, On a recent flight, Lufthansa provided me a copy of your September 2006 special issue focused on global warming. It was a… more »

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