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Don Boudreaux on Science and Choice

Yesterday's letter from Don Boudreaux to the Wall Street Journal is simply too good not to reprint here: 30 December 2005 Editor, The Wall Street Journal 200 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281 Dear Editor: While Thomas Stossel magnificently… more »

Bogus science reports of 2005

From and, here are two stories highlighting erroneous news reports of 2005 which posed as fact/science: see "The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005" (Steven Milloy of on, 12/29/05)… more »

Intelligent Design loses again: Pennsylvania 1, Kansas 0

see "Federal judge: Intelligent design unconstitutional" (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/20/05) and "Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum" (AP via Yahoo, 12/20/05)… more »

Reason magazine warns against US weakening Kyoto stance

Here's a very good article by Ronald Bailey of Reason Magazine: "Beware the Climate Lilliputians Treaty ties that bind" Bailey notes that although he "once wrote that the Kyoto Protocol was dead", the… more »

Fish, mercury, and pregnancy

see "Junk Science on Mercury Debunked" (Heartland Institute, 12/12/05) Thanks to "Environment and Climate News", published by the Heartland Institute, for bringing to my attention the recent (and… more »

Colorado may eliminate Denver's ethanol fuel program

see "Gas blend might change" (Denver Post 12/4/05) To the Editors: Colorado may finally have learned that correlation does not equal causality: Carbon monoxide levels dropped after ethanol rules were… more »

The Kyoto Protocol: Good Riddance

see "On Climate Change, a Change of Thinking" (NY Times, 12/4/05) and "Focus: So, are we going to freeze or fry?" (Sunday Times (UK), 12/4/05)… more »

Kansas professor proves no brains in Kansas after all

see "University Cancels Class on Creationism" (AP via Yahoo, 12/1/05) and my piece "The few remaining functional cerebrums in Kansas take a stand" (11/22/05)… more »

The few remaining functional cerebrums in Kansas take a stand

see "Univ. of Kansas takes up creation debate" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/22/05) Finally, a sign of intelligent life in Kansas! The University of Kansas is starting a… more »

The Grizzly failure of the Endangered Species Act

re "Yellowstone's bears may lose fed protection" (Denver Post, 11/15/05) See also: "Reforming the Endangered Species Act to Protect Species and Property Rights" (Heritage Foundation)… more »