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Another reporter swallows the environmentalist bait....

re: Study: Humans to blame for warming of oceans (Denver Post, 6/3/05) To the Editors: There are few subjects which can compete with environmental issues for the reporting of bias, propaganda, and junk… more »

Environmentalists: What do they really want?

See "Clear skies end global dimming" (Nature, 5/5/05) At a recent meeting of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, we heard from a very interesting speaker who is an expert in government environmental policy. He had a line which I'll remember for a… more »

Will environmentalists find reason? One of them thinks so.

Here's an interesting article by Stewart Brand, the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, and a long-time environmentalist, discussing rational changes in policy positions that the environmental movement should and might make for the good of the country.… more »

State Rep. Mark Larson responds to my position on the smoking ban

In response to my note a few days ago about the smoking ban likely to be passed in Colorado, State Representative Mark Larson, the House sponsor of the bill responded as follows. Although I don't agree with his position on this issue, I must give Rep.… more »

A Walking Octopus!

A little break from discussion of politics and economics. As a scuba diver and a big fan of octopi, this is just one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Make sure you watch the QuickTime movie near the top of the article: Octopuses occasionally… more »

Global Warming: another fact-free article from the environmentalists

Re: Fiddling while Earth burns (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/17/05),1713,BDC_2493_3703830,00.html To the Editors: Ron Forthofer’s article about global warming is full of the non-scientific rhetoric… more »

Colorado legislators considering statewide smoking ban

re: Panel advances smoking ban,1413,36%257E53%257E2811339,00.html To the Editors: Supporters of a smoking ban abandon principle and ignore science. Just because the public is allowed into a place does not mean the… more »

Smoking bans trample property rights and have no solid science behind them

re: "Smoke-Free D.C.: Round 2" (Washington Post editorial, 3/19/05) To the Editors: Increased revenue at bars and restaurants since a smoking ban is a good argument against passing… more »

Kilimanjaro losing ice cap: Prepare for a barrage of junk science The news that Kilimanjaro's snow cap is melting completely for the first time in 11,000 years will cause a loud renewal of calls for international environmental legislation… more »

Rationality and Science vs. Intelligent Design

Re: Intelligent Design (Cincinnati Enquirer letters from readers, 2/20/05) Your many letters supporting teaching "intelligent design" alongside evolution is… more »