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Al Gore, nobody other than NY Times readers believes your crap anymore

In an op-ed in Saturday’s NY  Times, former Vice President and leading “climate change” hoaxer and profiteer, Algore, can nearly be seen with his school-marmish tone, finger-wagging at the American public for not sufficiently joining… more »

CEI's modern protest ballad against the hoax of manmade global warming

This what the global warming alarmist movement has come to - being the brunt of spoof protest ballads. Great work by Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis…… more »

Corporate rats leaving climate change ship

One of the first groups of corporations which worked to get on the assumed “global warming” gravy train of government regulation was the US Climate Action Partnership ("USCAP"). In the past week, three of its founding members, Conoco, BP,… more »

Continuing the "climate change" debate with Yoram Bauman

Nearly two years ago, I had a fun online debate with “Standup Economist” Yoram Bauman about the science and economics of what was then called “global warming” and now (due to the absence of warming) called “climate… more »

Hickenlooper's global warming confusion

On Wednesday, the Grand Junction Sentinel reported on Denver Mayor and presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee John Hickenlooper’s meeting with the National Western Mining Conference.  Hickenritter spoke briefly about natural resources,… more »

Michael Barone on the religion of global warming

Michael Barone has written the latest in a long list of articles by many, many authors discussing how much the “global warming” aka “climate change” movement has more in common with religion than with science.  The article,… more »

Guest Article: Science and Diversity

Thanks to Mike R. for this on-target guest article.  It’s not just in the “climate change” debate that forces of progressivism and political correctness are attacking the very foundations of science. I have always been a bit of an… more »

Antarctic sea water shows 'no sign' of warming

As reported in THIS article, a new study of Antarctic sea water temperatures shows that the water under the ice in that particular region is “very close to freezing” and is not melting the ice above it. Unfortunately, just like every article… more »

It's not just the British who manipulate climate data

Last week on his Daily Blog, climatologist and Weather Channel founder John Coleman laid out a devastating case against the “warmest year” claims of two important American organizations, NASA and the National Climate Data Center (NCDC). Not… more »

Big day for Ross, journalistically

For the first time ever, I have an article on the American Spectator web site and a different article on the Human Events web site at the same time.  Actually, my Human Events piece is the lead story today.  I ask you to check them out and let me know… more »
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