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The Hidden Agenda of Radical Islamic Fundamentalists

Guest posting by Mike DePinto “It is the nature of war that each side must hide as much as can be hidden. The secrecy of this war goes deeper. More than in any other war I have studied, the true reasons for each side’s actions are hidden from view.”… more »

Americans Take No Attacks for Granted

Guest posting by Mike DePinto Bush: Al Qaeda attack on West Coast thwarted Can you remember the last time you were really sick? Unless you currently feel that way, it is difficult… more »

US papers should not print Mohammed cartoons (but not for the reasons you might think)

There is plenty of debate in recent days about whether American newspapers should print the cartoons of Mohammed which sparked the past week's riots around the world. In what might be a surprise to those who read me frequently, I say "no". The reason… more »

Brokeback Mountain.....No thanks

see "'Brokeback Mountain' leads Oscar field with eight nominations" (AP via SignOnSanDiego, 1/31/06) I have two gay relatives (that I know of). I went to college in… more »

Chris Penn's final irony

Forty year old actor Chris Penn was found dead at his California condo yesterday afternoon. Penn's credits include Footloose, All the Right Moves, and one of my all-time favorites, Reservoir Dogs. In what must be the most brilliant final act of irony… more »

Kerry Packer: The world loses quite a character

see "Death of a Giant" (Sydney Morning Herald, 12/28/05) and "Kerry Packer" (Bio/Obit, Telegraph UK, 12/27/05)… more »

Funding reconstruction: A Modest Proposal by Reason

Tim Cavanaugh at Reason Online has made a brilliant and beautiful proposal to help with the costs of rebuilding New Orleans: Take money from the "piggish" Transporation Bill, particularly from Alaska's insanely large share of it. Tim's article is… more »

Howard Dean uses Katrina to villify Republicans and call for bigger government

PUBLISHED at, 9/9/05 see: "Dean: Race Played a Role in Katrina Deaths" (AP via Yahoo, 9/7/05) and "Dean says race, GOP priorities… more »

Additional donation matching to report

I had two e-mails this morning which, despite being "after the deadline", I have matched at 100% From S, $250 and from T&S, $30 I made a donation of $280 to United Jewish Communities which goes for "for members of the Jewish and general… more »

Matching donations for Katrina relief

As promised in my prior postings on Monday and last Thursday I have matched the donations which readers have notified me that they have made. Response was somewhat less than I had hoped, but it's understandable because many people simply don't want to… more »
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