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Marriage should not be the government's business

[4/26/05 Note: I had intended to publish this a month ago and just realized I had left it as a draft....] Re: Judge nullifies Calif. gay-marriage ban (Boston Globe, 3/15/05)… more »

Kilimanjaro losing ice cap: Prepare for a barrage of junk science The news that Kilimanjaro's snow cap is melting completely for the first time in 11,000 years will cause a loud renewal of calls for international environmental legislation… more »

Our Iran Problem Is Not a Product of The Iraq War

On, David Storobin (whom I regard very highly as an international political analyst) argues that Iraq War has not been worth its long term strategic cost because of our current difficult and dangerous situation with Iran and… more »

An in-depth case against Ward Churchill

I don't normally take up a whole posting with other people's work, but the work done by Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman at KHOW-AM in Denver deserves our attention. Sorry for the small print. more »

More dominos falling

As a brief follow-up to my recent piece on the war, I’d like to point out a couple more very interesting news stories. First, getting a lot of press is Syria’s announcement that they will leave Lebanon. In an interview with Time Magazine, Syrian… more »

The War Has Been Worth It

I’m often asked by friends who know I think about this stuff a lot: “Was the war in Iraq worth it?” Most of them know that I thought at the time of invasion that it was, on balance, the right decision. Most of them know I thought the Bush… more »

Medicine and the Nanny State

FDA panel votes to allow continued sale of Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx Could Rejoing Painkillers on the Market Our Nanny State goes much to far in "protecting"… more »

Ward Churchill: Fire him, but not for his writing

To the Editors: Ward Churchill's comments comparing 9/11 victims with Nazis were truly repulsive and demonstrative of his ignorance. Furthermore, he should be fired...but not because of those comments. Although it was that essay which brought Churchill… more »

New Year's Resolutions and The Wave

The numbers coming from countries around the Indian Ocean are so large that they leave me, and I suspect others, almost unable to react. I resolve to fight mental numbness. Many of you know that my younger brother died in May. That was the saddest,… more »

Washington Post against an entitlement???

Re: The Bigger Problem, Washington Post Editorial, Dec. 27th 2004. To the Editors: It is a pleasure to see the Post come out against an entitlement program. After the Bush… more »
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