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The War Has Been Worth It

I’m often asked by friends who know I think about this stuff a lot: “Was the war in Iraq worth it?” Most of them know that I thought at the time of invasion that it was, on balance, the right decision. Most of them know I thought the Bush administration… more »

Medicine and the Nanny State

FDA panel votes to allow continued sale of Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx Could Rejoing Painkillers on the Market Our Nanny State goes much to far in "protecting" citize… more »

Ward Churchill: Fire him, but not for his writing

To the Editors: Ward Churchill's comments comparing 9/11 victims with Nazis were truly repulsive and demonstrative of his ignorance. Furthermore, he should be fired...but not because of those comments. Although it was that essay which brought Churchil… more »

New Year's Resolutions and The Wave

The numbers coming from countries around the Indian Ocean are so large that they leave me, and I suspect others, almost unable to react. I resolve to fight mental numbness. Many of you know that my younger brother died in May. That was the saddest,… more »

Washington Post against an entitlement???

Re: The Bigger Problem, Washington Post Editorial, Dec. 27th 2004. To the Editors: It is a pleasure to see the Post come out against an entitlement program. After the Bush admin… more »

The Supreme Court hears case on interstate wine sales...finally

To the Editors: Re: Justices Hear Arguments on Laws Limiting Interstate Wine Sales (12/7/04) The longstanding prohibition by New York State of direct import of wine from other states is n… more »

The possible beneficial political effects of the weak dollar

There's a very interesting story in the NY Times today discussing the world's largest holder of US Government bonds: the Japanese Treasury. They quote the head portfolio manager at the Finance Ministry as saying that he does not intend to pare his holdi… more »

Dealing with Kofi Annan, cleverly

A shorter version of this letter was published in the Washington Times on Dec 4: Today, after the Senator chairing the Senate committee investigating the Oil For Food scandal called for K… more »

Worldwide Elections: A Glass Half Full

The recent elections in Afghanistan, the current events in Ukraine where it appears that massively fraudulent results may be thrown out in favor of a re-vote, and the likelihood of elections next year in Iraq, show a hopeful trend for the world. I am… more »

Guns, Tobacco, and the Courts (A Return of Sanity?)

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News, 12/31/04,1299,DRMN_38_3435831,00.html Excerpt PUBLISHED in Forbes, 3/14/05 For those of us who… more »
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