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It is being reported by various news outlets that 3-term Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head while hosting a “Congress on Your Corner” meeting at a local supermarket in Tucson. While early reports suggested that… more »

Ebonics translators needed

From the “I couldn’t make this up” files: SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Ebonics translators needed',… more »

Obama and the mosque

At the risk of coming late to the party on this story, I’d like to offer a few brief thoughts on Barack Obama’s getting involved in the issue of the proposed Ground Zero mosque: While Obama (and other Democrats and jihad apologists like… more »
A self-inflicted tornado finally dropped a house on Helen Thomas. Yesterday, just a few days after going too far for even the liberal and frequently pro-Palestinian media and White House, the veteran White House loon reporter Helen Thomas… more »

Obama: Love me, hate BP

Barack Obama’s press conference yesterday (transcript here), his first in about 10 months (imagine the media letting George W. Bush get away with that), was little more than another excercise in Obama narcissism. His message regarding the Gulf oil… more »
In his statement following his weather-thwarted attempt to view the enormous oil slick growing in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama repeated his leading theme about the potential disaster: It’s BP’s fault and BP will pay the cost of the… more »
I write so infrequently about sports that I don’t even have a blog category for my sports-related articles.  But I’m so annoyed with the NFL that I’m going to offer a few thoughts, and I’d love to get your comments on whether you… more »
It’s being reported this morning that Seattle police have shot and killed the man who murdered four Tacoma-area police officers in a coffee shop on Sunday morning. Looks like my guess of a gang initiation was wrong. (Not that it was important.)… more »
Yesterday, a month after an execution-style drive-by killing of a police officer in Seattle, four Tacoma (Washington) area uniformed police officers were shot in a coffee shop as they were doing their morning administrative work on their laptop… more »
Please tell me you have more important things to think about than this question.  I know I do. SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Why did Tiger Woods crash into a tree?', url :… more »

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