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The New Face of Vandalism?

Thanks for Christopher for sending this along. I hope that someone finds this Ms. Dawkins mentioned in the article and gives her the verbal spanking she so richly deserves. For the record, I contacted the NY Dept. of Sanitation and suggested that Ms.… more »

Barney Fife lives

Thanks to Christopher Sanders for this article... In yet another display of government imbecility a woman in Idaho was required to remove her brassier before being allowed to enter the Federal Courthouse.… more »

Lessons from I-Rock

A guest posting by my friend Rusty...sports can indeed offer lessons for real life. Much has been made in recent days of the SURPRISING success of the Colorado Rockies. Many esteemed local sports pundits (and loud-mouthed “fans”) have had no choice but… more »

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

I've written previously about why I give money to Hillsdale College rather than my alma mater, Columbia University. Columbia has again earned my derision for their decision to invite the modern face of evil, the President of Iran, to speak on campus.… more »

Shift Happens

I'm taking a day off from writing in order to hang out with my aunt and cousin who are visiting from Massachusetts where, they inform me, women marry women with some frequency. I'm not sure how that subject came up. Anyway, I digress. Thanks to… more »

Justice for dry cleaners

In a case that has received a lot of attention, the Chung family, Korean immigrant owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington, DC, not only won against an insane plaintiff, but were also awarded costs from the plaintiff. The plaintiff, an administrative… more »

Rushdie hubbub shows Muslim lunacy yet again

Salman Rushdie is to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and Pakistan and Iran aren't happy about it. I find this to be excellent news, and I hope that more Western nations will do things that annoy the tender sensibilities of Muslim extremists. Here are… more »

Two updates: Sometimes there is justice

Following are two follow-ups on news items I've reported on in recent past, one local to me and one not... First, here in Boulder County, I mentioned in a recent piece about liberal hypocrisy that neighbors had caused the county to close down concerts… more »

Ross and Christopher get radio show attention

I noted in a piece the other day that I had guest-hosted a friend's talk radio show this week. I am pleased to say that the left-leaning organization Colorado Media Matters was listening to our show and didn't enjoy it very much. What particularly… more »

IBD: Victims of Tolerance?

Along with Kristen's opinion just below, here's an interesint point of view from Investor's Business Daily: See "Victims Of Tolerance?" (IBD Editorial, 5/19/07)… more »
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