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News of the Future — Moderate Syrian Rebel Edition

Mosul, Iraq, October 8, 2014 — Multiple sources have confirmed that Free Syrian Army (“FSA”) forces, part of the “moderate” rebel groups recently trained and armed by the Obama administration, have defeated three small groups of ISIS fighters — with… more »

Laughing So I Don't Cry

Sometimes the best form of criticism is humor, especially when all other forms seem ineffective. So in order to try to help you laugh, or at least stop crying, I offer these two gems in response to the trade of 5 Taliban terrorist leaders for one Army… more »

Sebelius Possible Subject of Corruption Indictment

The Associated Press is reporting, quoting unnamed sources, that Attorney General Eric Holder is preparing a criminal indictment of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius based on a still-secret joint finding by the Government Accountability Office… more »

Kimmel Crushes Obamacare

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel slammed Obamacare on Tuesday night, ridiculing the Obama administrations expectation that young people would buy health insurance. The whole segment, including Kimmel's commentary, is worth watching, but I particularly suggest the… more »

Hitler Learns About Disastrous ObamaCare Rollout

From the creative folks over at Powerline Blog...and H/T Dan Mitchell One of the best of a hilarious (yet effective) series of videos on the Internet, not all of which are political; for example, this hilarious four minutes of Hitler learning that the… more »

Obama That I Used to Know

One of the keys to this election will be whether young, idealistic, and mostly ignorant young voters remain enthusiastic supporters of Barack Obama. Given that this group gets a lot of information from non-traditional sources, such as Jon Stewart's The… more »

You can't swing a dead cat...

This is just too good: more »

Expensive but the government will buy it

H/T Mike R. more »


Needing to take a day off from heavy news, I share with you this bit of information provided by my friend Jed Babbin, in case any of you are contemplating various locales for your twilight years: You can retire to Phoenix, Arizona where...  1.  You ar… more »

Imagine there's no pizza

H/T Rusty Staff If this is a fake, it's a remarkably good one. Makes me like Cain even more if it's real, and reminds us again how Cain repeatedly, by statement or contrasting example, shows that liberals have no sense of humor.… more »
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