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Halloween greetings from an American soldier

Thanks to Sgt. Jason Chai Staff and all members of the US military who are taking the ultimate risk in the service of our nation. more »

Dan Henninger: Once it's done, it's done

Here's an excellent article by the Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger discussing how an Obama election would be truly historic in the worst possible way. See "The True Meaning of 'Historic Vote'", Daniel Henninger, WSJ, 10/30/08… more »

Video: Compliation of Obama's radical associations and endorsements

This long video lays out Barack Obama's close ties to radical Muslim and terrorist interests in the US and abroad, including endorsements by some of the world's worst men. more »

Obama accepting untraceable deposits

see Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations, Washington Post, 10/29/08 more »

You know Obama is lying about economics when...

(a) He talks about economics (b) He says he believes in lower government spending (c) Even the left-leaning Associated Press says he's misleading voters (d) All of the above For today's installment of answer (d), see today's AP article on Obama's… more »

IBD Editorial on Obama's false moderation

Here's an excellent editorial from Investor's Business Daily regarding Barack Obama's recent strategy of pretending to have some conservative instincts: See "Feinting Right", IBD Editorial, 10/16/08… more »

"Spread the Wealth"?

It's stunning how little the press is covering Barack Obama's overt socialism as expressed in response to a question he received from a plumber near Toledo, Ohio on Sunday. Plumber Joe Wurzelbacher had a conversation with Obama that included the… more »

The "Death of American Business Act"

In 2008, voters are rightly focusing on the current turmoil in economic markets, high fuel prices (though far below their highs for the year), and, to a lesser degree, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is indeed a remarkable time. In a less… more »

Lightening the Mood: The Politicians' Outhouse

Thanks to Mike for sending this along. If anyone knows who gets credit for the picture, please let me know! more »

Ross on the radio this morning

For those of you who are interested and have the time, please tune in your radio or your web browser to listen as I guest host the Amy Oliver Show on Newstalk 1310 KFKA in Greeley, Colorado Tuesday morning (September 2) from 9 AM to 11 AM Mountain Time… more »