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The source of union funding...

Cartoon by Mike Lester, Rome News-Tribune, Rome, GA   more »

The mind of a liberal...

From time to time, I can't help but wonder whether it's some sort of unjustified elitism (an attribute I usually attribute to the left) which causes me to wonder whether people who support Progressive policies and politicians despite months or decades of… more »

Obama's secret Israel policy

H/T Rich Sokol Perhaps because DirecTV does not carry Israeli news channels, I hadn't seen this important Middle East Peace Process news until my friend Rich, who is closely tied into issues related to Israel, passed it along.… more »

Gonorrhea Lectim

H/T Mike R. Even serious times can use the occasional humor... (Click HERE or on note below to see more easily readable larger version...) more »

Lightening the mood: Aussie museum humor

Thanks to Rusty for sending this along... For your Saturday morning mood-lightener, may I offer you this hilarious and nearly R-Rated bit of Aussie humor... more »

In lieu of flowers

Melting Nancy Pelosi

Thanks to Christopher for pointing out this amusing political ad, and the particularly excellent McCain-Feingold disclosure at the end of the ad...  It's too bad John Dennis is running against a candidate who, at least for now, can't be beaten in her ult… more »

From the truth stranger than fiction files...

H/T Christopher S.Woman Nabbed For Auto Erotic Crime more »

Lightening the mood: Senators on airplanes; Obama sued for identity theft

From the rather amusing blog Wine and Excrement comes this important potential policy change regarding general aviation (private airplanes) regulation in America: See "NTSB to recommend installation of U.S. senators on every GA aircraft", by "Sisyphus"… more »

BS Removal Kit

The ad for the BS Removal kit is making its way around the (conservative) blogosphere quite quickly, but just in case you haven't seen it... more »
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