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Patting myself on the back (for Dodd/Countrywide article)

You’ve probably read the article already, so no need to read it again, but I just wanted to offer myself a little congratulations:  My Human Events article about “Countrywide Chris” Dodd was not only the main article on the front page… more »

Obama's "economic plan" is neither

[letter published online by the Denver Post:] re "Obama touts economic plan", AP via Denver Post, 1/24/09 The Obama… more »

Schaffer not exactly 'big oil'

Thanks to the Rocky Mountain News for publishing my opinion piece in their online "Speakout" section. They titled it "KAMINSKY: Schaffer not exactly 'big oil'" (Click on the title to read the article. My regular readers will have seen it on these… more »

No surprise Boulder is worried about sales tax receipts

published in the Boulder Daily Camera, 5/16/08: re "Boulder leaders shiver at retail sales-tax decline", Boulder Daily Camera, 5/14/08… more »

Boulder "house concert" lunacy continues

[A shorter letter to the editor (by me) was published in the Boulder Daily Camera on 1/17/08] I have discussed a couple of times in the past the ridiculous ruling by the People's Republic of Boulder that house concerts, where guests were asked for… more »

Huckabee is not a Republican...or shouldn't be

A version of this article was also published at A common criticism of the primary process is that it lets activists who are not necessarily representative of the general population have an outsized impact on the selection of the… more »

President bound by Constitution?

My letter to the WSJ was PUBLISHED on 11/3/07: The Wall Street Journal had an article on Wednesday discussing whether the President of the United States should obey unconstitutional laws,… more »

Good intentions don't make good schools

PUBLISHED on the Denver Post eLetters web site: re "For principal, A for effort" (Denver Post editorial, 9/7/07) To the Editor:… more »

Mitt Romney and early primary momentum

PUBLISHED at Historically, the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary have received the perception of being, if not president-makers, at… more »

Bob Schaffer's vote on Denver charter school

PUBLISHED on the Rocky Mountain News online blog: re "Schaffer denies conflict in Denver charter school vote" (Rocky Mountain News, 8/21)… more »
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