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Univ. of Colorado Regents properly approve 28% tuition increase

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/9/05: re: Tuition increase approved; State officials blast 28 percent jump (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/5/05)… more »

Supreme Court deals another blow to property rights

PUBLISHED in the Washington Post, 6/9/05: re: Judicial Takings and Givings (Washington Post, 5/31/05)… more »

Killing the goose that lays the (discount) golden eggs

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times (5/24/05): re: Ehrlich vetoes Wal-Mart bill on job benefits (Washington Times, 5/19/05)… more »

Wexler's proposal exposes Democrats' Social Security problem

PUBLISHED online at re: Wexler offers proposal to fix Social Security (Washington Times, 5/17/05)… more »

Data shows economic risk of tax hikes

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera 5/11/05 (,1713,BDC_2491_3767290,00.html) re: Colorado Coffers Taxed (Boulder Daily Camera, 5/3/05)… more »

Ward Churchill: "What he deems as the truth"

PUBLISHED in the Colorado Daily 5/3/05 re: A four-way convergence (Colorado Daily, 4/27/05) In your article “A… more »

Salazar's flip-flop: A DC winner but in Colorado???

PUBLISHED: Denver Post 4/27/05,1413,36%257E416%257E,00.html re: Salazar wins points in filibuster tussle,1413,36~33999~2836331,00.html To the Editors: Democratic organizations,… more »

No change in TABOR without addressing spending!

PUBLISHED! (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/19/05),1713,BDC_2491_3710084,00.html re: Quick Fix Won't Help In The Long Run (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/17/05)… more »

Clearing up public misconceptions about Social Security

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News 4/13/05,1299,DRMN_38_3694823,00.html re: Why is Social Security rate of return so poor? (Rocky Mountain News, Letter to the Editor, 4/6/05)… more »

University of Colorado may offer Churchill a buyout

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 3/10/05,1413,36%257E416%257E,00.html Re: CU weighs buyout for firebrand prof (Denver Post, March 8, 2005) To the… more »
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