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Betsy Hoffman resigns...a good first step for U of Colorado

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera, 3/9/05,1713,BDC_2491_3604957,00.html,1413,36~30780~2749276,00.html… more »

Published...again (patting myself on the back)

Just wanted to let you know that an excerpt from a long opinion piece which I wrote for the Rocky Mountain News (published 12/31/04) was just published in the March 14, 2005 issue of Forbes. (Free) membership is required to view it in the "Other… more »

Colorado legislature joins the abuse-of-eminent-domain club

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 2/25/05 To the Editors: Re “Land Values Could Be Halved” (Denver Post article, 2/23/05)… more »

Kinsley and Meathead on Social Security

PUBLISHED IN THE LA TIMES FEB 16, 2005,0,3142563.story To the Editors: Re: "The Meathead Proposition" (LA Times Op/Ed, Michael Kinsley, Feb 14)… more »

America is stingy? Hardly!

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera, 1/8/05,1713,BDC_2491_3454236,00.html Re: “Land of Penny Pinchers”, NY Times 1/5/05, Nicholas Kristof… more »

New Years Resolutions for the political parties

PUBLISHED in the Christian Science Monitor 12/31/04 Re: New Year's resolutions for the red and the blue (Christian Science Monitor, Opinion, 12/28/04)… more »

Don't buy into Krugman

Published in the NY Times on 12/18/04! Re: "Buying Into Failure", NY Times (Krugman) 12/17/04 To the Editors: Mr. Krugman is once… more »

Dealing with Kofi Annan, cleverly

A shorter version of this letter was published in the Washington Times on Dec 4: Today, after the Senator chairing the Senate committee investigating the Oil For Food scandal called for… more »

Guns, Tobacco, and the Courts (A Return of Sanity?)

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News, 12/31/04,1299,DRMN_38_3435831,00.html Excerpt PUBLISHED in Forbes, 3/14/05 For those of us who… more »

Against "creative thinking" on Colorado budget

[NOTE: Links appear to be dead already as of Dec 31, 2004] PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, Nov. 15, 2004.,1413,36~416~2535342,00.html# re: Creative Thinking on State Budget Dilemma (Denver Post, Nov. 11, 2004)… more »
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