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Second in the series of Sunday travel photos.... Near the end of our honeymoon in March, 2004, Kristen and I went to the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, near the southern tip of Chile. It's a spectacular place, well worth a visit if you're… more »
I'm going to try a little something new: In order to give myself a break from so much typing (and thinking) about politics and economics, on Sundays from now on I will instead post a travel photo with a brief description of the scene. I hope you enjoy… more »
Please take a look at my online photos from an amazing trip to Capetown, Namibia (most of the western half of the country), Victoria Falls (the Zambia side), and Sabi Sabi private game reserver (bordering Kruger Park in South Africa.) Feel free to… more »


This is written in a slightly jet-lagged state from an internet cafe in Capetown, South Africa, one of the nicest small cities in the world. Yesterday, my friends and I visited Langa, a township just outside Capetown that is home to about a quarter… more »

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