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Rick Santorum, bad economist

During Monday's Republican debate (transcript) in Myrtle Beach, SC, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich offered a bold vision for allowing Americans to voluntarily contribute the "employee portion" of their Social Security payroll taxes into perso… more »

AARP tries to kill entitlement reform

I'm not a number. I'm not a line item on a budget. And I'm definitely not a pushover. But I am a voter. So, Washington, before you even think about cutting my Medicare and Social Security benefits, here's a number you should remember: 50 million. We are… more »

The Payroll Tax Trap

The Hill is reporting that "President Obama’s push to extend a payroll tax cut has united a rare combination of conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats in opposition."  In particular, Pete Sessions (R-TX), chairman of the NRCC, is suggests that a… more »

It bears repeating

It bears repeating that Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he could not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out if a deal to raise the debt ceiling is not reached before the August 2nd deadline. It bears repeating, as Senator Marco Rubio poin… more »

WSJ: AARP drops opposition to Social Security reform This could indeed be a "watershed moment" in America's awakening to the need to reform entitlement programs to prevent national bankruptcy. This is no… more »

What means testing means

America's fiscal need for entitlement reform is pushing the discussion about Social Security inexorably toward "means testing," a policy both the left and the right have long avoided. Both sides realize that means testing, namely reducing or eliminating… more »

Apples and Oranges

Liberal media pundits are making a habit of responding to criticism of Barack Obama's "punt" on entitlement reform in his budget proposal by saying that "Republicans aren't tackling the problem either," so they're equally guilty. There's a fatal flaw i… more »

Don Boudreaux on the similarity between Madoff and Social Security

29 December 2008 Editor, The New York Times 229 West 43rd St. New York, NY 10036 To the Editor: Like many people, Ben Stein was assured that Bernard Madoff "never lost money" ("They Told Me That Madoff Never Lost Money," December 28). Unlike many… more »

Medicare: The gun aimed at America's heart

The Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees said Social Security released their 2007 Report yesterday (summary HERE), and despite the occasional headline by the liberal or economically ignorant (was that redundant?) media about the two programs… more »

The Freak on destructive entitlements

The following note by The Freak was originally posted as a comment to a prior blog piece, but it's so good it deserves a posting of its own. ----------- First, let me state that I don’t take personal offence at what people write unless they make… more »
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