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Hans Rosling: The Magic Washing Machine

H/T Don Boudreaux The insights from this 9-minute video by Hans Rosling (of his presentation at TED last year) are multiple, important, and interesting, not least because they implicitly explain the immorality of a "green movement" which aims to reduce… more »

Stock market crashing

Half an hour after the market opening, the S&P 500 is down close to 5% and the Nasdaq down more than 5%. The yield on the 10-year note has fallen to 2%, the lowest in history that I am aware of. We're seeing a combination of fears, from European… more »

Easy for you to say

In a Monday op-ed in the New York Times, billionaire Warren Buffett called on Congress to "stop coddling the super-rich [and] … raise rates immediately on taxable income in excess of $1 million, including, of course, dividends and capital gains."… more »

Imagine my surprise

Imagine my surprise, after the first week in several years in which I had no access to newspapers, television, or the Internet, to be re-plugged into the web on Tuesday, digging back through the news of early August, and wondering if Harold Camping was… more »

Stop being a dickhead and balance the f-ing budget

I've gotten this e-mailed to me by a few different people in the last 48 hours. If you haven't seen it already, it's worth your three minutes: Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS… more »

Sick leave sickness

Yesterday, the Denver Post ran my letter to the editor regarding the likelihood of Denver having a ballot measure which would mandate that companies of more than 10 employees give each employee nine days of paid sick leave each year. I think the… more »

It bears repeating

It bears repeating that Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he could not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out if a deal to raise the debt ceiling is not reached before the August 2nd deadline. It bears repeating, as Senator Marco Rubio poin… more »

Washington could learn a lot from a drug addict more »

Carbon tax: Australia's economic suicide

Less than two years after a proposed carbon tax felled Australia's Labour Party Prime Minister, his replacement, an utter economoron if ever there was one, appears ready and able to pass such a tax through the Australian Parliament with the support of a… more »

June jobs report shows Obamanomics failure

This morning, the Labor Department released the worst employment report since September of last year, with the economy creating only 18,000 jobs in June versus a Marketwatch consensus estimate of 125,000 jobs. (Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg had slightly… more »