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Tax Hikes and Secession aka "Just Say No!" (2013 Colorado Election Thoughts)

Much of the out-of-state attention paid to Colorado in Tuesday night’s elections was in regard to the fundamentally unrealistic ballot measures in 11 counties to secede from the state and create a 51st state called North Colorado. To be more precise: Th… more »

Anti-Gun Democrats Recalled in Colorado

As one Twitter user put it, “Big Gulp THAT, Mayor Bloomberg!” Despite hundreds of thousands of out-of-state dollars, including a reported $350,000 from the nanniest of the nanny-staters, poured into defending two Democratic Colorado state senators in… more »

Apply for the Leadership Program of the Rockies

Participating in the Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) is, without exaggeration, one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier, but there are still a couple of days left to apply to be in the 2013-2014 LPR class… more »

Colorado Emerging Issues Forum, Saturday, 9/7/13

If you're in or near Denver, I hope you'll consider attending the Heartland Institute's Colorado Emerging Issues Forum on Saturday, September 7th. Great speakers, outside-the-box thinking, and a bargain at $50 including breakfast and lunch! More here:… more »

For Democrats, turnout trumps honesty

In Colorado, the results of Democrats valuing election “turnout” over electoral honesty — or even common sense — are becoming clear. Among the many mindless laws passed on party-line votes during Colorado’s recent hyper-partisan legislative session —… more »

Libertarians Strike Back in CO Recall Elections

As I mentioned yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Colorado sued the State of Colorado to get more time to petition candidates on to the ballots to replace two state senators who are facing recall elections. It seemed to me that the Libertarians were… more »

Colorado Recalls Make History

Biden toadies are learning something about voter rejection. In nearly 140 years of Colorado history, it’s never happened before. This year it is happening twice: Two legislators, both Democratic members of the Colorado State Senate, will face recall… more »

Hickenlooper gives "reprieve" to murderer Nathan Dunlap

With the hornets nest of conservative and libertarian anger which Colorado Governor John "I'm a moderate" Hickenlooper stirred up by supporting a raft of anti-gun legislation in this once-red state, I thought there was little chance he would pardon or… more »

Greg Brophy: Civil Disobedience Against Unconstitutional Gun Restrictions

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray), in debating the Michael Bloomberg-pushed "high capacity" gun magazine ban in Colorado, announced that if the bill becomes law, he will not obey it. Neither will I, and I imagine many thousands of other… more »

A small victory for gun rights and common sense

Although the corpse of Colorado House Bill 1226 is still warm, it appears to have died the death of a miscreant which should never have been born, one of a raft of anti-gun rights bills being put forward for final vote in the Colorado State Senate… more »
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