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Bob Schaffer and the real CNMI story, Part 7

This is the seventh in a series of articles responding articles in the Denver Post by reporter Michael Riley which attack former Congressman and current Senate candidate Bob Schaffer for a fact-finding trip Schaffer took to the Northern Marianas Islands… more »

Udall is empty of economic intellectual ammunition

The following letter to the editor is in response to an article in the Pueblo Chieftain called "Udall, Schaffer at odds over buyout package" To the Editor: Every time I read more of Mark Udall’s economic idiocy, I wonder – especially during such ch… more »

Schaffer's energy experience a major plus

Liberal special interests have been attempting to paint Senate candidate Bob Schaffer as somehow in the pocket of “big oil”. During these times of $4 gasoline, Schaffer should react to “criticism” of having worked in the energy industry in much the same… more »

Colorado's coming budget crisis and our own Sergeant Schultz

In a memo released Monday, Colorado's Legislative Council Staff released a memo forecasting a decline of nearly $100 million in the money available for the state government's 2008-09 budget. And that number masks a worse piece of information within th… more »

Predictions for Colorado primaries

Predictions for tomorrow’s primaries: In Tuesday’s Colorado primaries, we have some very interesting and truly contested contests. I’m going to go with modest longshots in each of my three predictions, in no small part because they’re the outcomes th… more »

Rima Barakat: Anti-semitic anti-American liar

It still stuns me that the Republicans in Colorado's House District 6 were fooled by Rima Barakat. How could someone so hateful of America and Israel possibly be the Republican nominee for anything? more »

To residents of Colorado's 5th Congressional District

Support Jeff Crank in Colorado's Fifth Congressional District Republican primary on Tuesday, August 12th. more »

Schaffer's experience matters

In his posting a couple of days ago, David Sirota offered this comment: "Schaffer has been trying to pretend his career as an oil executive is somehow a political benefit at a time of $4 gas..." While leftists might believe that Schaffer is "pretendin… more »

Exclusive interview: Senator Hank Brown

On Friday I had the privilege of interviewing former Senator Hank Brown. The exclusive interview, although brief, offered some interesting political insights from one of Colorado’s most respected public servants. Most of my conversation with Senator… more »

An unlikely defense of Bob Schaffer

Over at the Schaffer v Udall blog, Ben DeGrow has done a good job laying out the most recent partisan smear against Bob Schaffer from mainstream media: The attack basical… more »