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Rossputin quoted in todays Grand Junction Sentinel

see "Fight over revenue caps starts" (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/14/05) Yesterday, I spoke at a press conference in Grand Junction, CO, regarding the massive and permanent tax increase being foisted upon citizens of Colorado in Referenda C and D… more »

Letter to CO State Senator Ken Gordon

Democrat State Senator Ken Gordon is distributing an e-mail asking people to volunteer to put up yard signs in support of Referendum C, the upcoming massive tax increase on the November ballot. Here is my response to the Senator: Dear Senator Gordo… more »

Johnny can't read but at least he's culturally sensitive

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera, 6/27/05,1713,BDC_2491_3884864,00.html re: "Charter schools less diverse" (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/18/05)… more »

Colorado House Republican leader on Democrats and jobs

[Following is a letter to the Editor from Colorado State House Republican leader Joe Stengel. I'm not sure if it has been run by a newspaper yet....] Stengel to Democrats: Where's the Beef? Wednesday marked the last day for Gov. Owens to sign or v… more »

Colorado needs spending restraint not higher taxes!

[Following is a public note from recent Republican State Senator Mark Hillman, minority leader in the Colorado State Senate, now State Treasurer, in which he clearly takes apart any justification for the massive money grab known as Referendum C being att… more »

Update on Colorado smoking ban Senate Minority Leader Mark Hillman (now State Treasurer) debates the failed attempt to impose a smoking ban with a ban supporter.... more »

New web site to protect the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

Here's a great new web site started by the Independence Institute with the facts about the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and the truth about the massive tax hike known as Referendum C on the November Ballot. To hear the ra… more »

An informed opinion on preferential treatment based on sexual orientation

[Following is an online conversation between me and a commenter on my blog. I suggest you start at the end and work your way up through the three e-mails from the commenter and my tworesponses. The original comment was in response to this article about C… more »

Adding sexual orientation to hate crimes law - My letter to Governor Owens

As pointed out to me in a reader comment, the governor has already allowed this bill to become law without his signature. I wrote the letter today after receiving an e-mail from a group of Republican legislators in the State house. Apparently there is st… more »

Univ. of Colorado Regents properly approve 28% tuition increase

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/9/05: re: Tuition increase approved; State officials blast 28 percent jump (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/5/05),1713,BDC_2… more »