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Colorado'Tax raisers should be worried

re: "Poll on Nov. referendums shows waning opposition" (Denver Post, 8/24/05) To the Editors: While both polls you mention show a near tie in support and opposition to Referenda C and D, the important fact is… more »

Ref C supporters take the low road, but what choice do they have?

re: "Ex-Sen. denies flip-flop on Ref C" (Rocky Mountain News, 8/9/05),1299,DRMN_36_3988489,00.html To the Editors: Your sarcastically personal attack about John Andrews misses the real point of… more »

What's really missing from Ref C pitch

re: "What's missing from Ref C pitch" (Editorial, Rocky Mountain News, 8/1/05),1299,DRMN_38_3968048,00.html To the Editors: What’s really missing from the Referendum C pitch is demonstrated by… more »

A supporter of Referendum C shows his face...sort of

I recently received an e-mail comment about my story on Referendum C supporters misleading the public. It was quite amazing for a few reasons, from the poor quality of the writing and spelling to the weakness of the arguments that supports of the tax… more »

Taxpayer funded ceramic dildos? And you want to RAISE taxes?

see "State-funded sex-toy art upsets governor" (Denver Post & Channel 9 News, 7/21/05) This story has gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere in the past several days, but I can't keep from piling on.… more »

Supporters of Referenda C and D mislead the public

To the Editors: Given Referendum C’s cynical title as the “Colorado Economic Recovery Act”, we should not be surprised that the measures’ supporters continue to bombard us with misleading arguments and political double-speak. This is no more of a… more »

Opposition to tax increase will cross party lines

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 7/20/05 re: Referendums open GOP rift (Denver Post, 7/18/05) To the Editors: Democrats must be grinning ear to ear as the media… more »

Referendum C supporters torture logic to support massive tax increase

Following is the text of a letter I sent to Ms. Laurie Zeller at the Bell Policy Center. They are active in supporting Referendums C and D, some of the most damaging potential legislation the Colorado economy has ever seen. I urge all of you who… more »

Rossputin quoted in todays Grand Junction Sentinel

see "Fight over revenue caps starts" (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 7/14/05) Yesterday, I spoke at a press conference in Grand Junction, CO, regarding the massive and permanent tax increase being foisted upon citizens of Colorado in Referenda C and D… more »

Letter to CO State Senator Ken Gordon

Democrat State Senator Ken Gordon is distributing an e-mail asking people to volunteer to put up yard signs in support of Referendum C, the upcoming massive tax increase on the November ballot. Here is my response to the Senator: Dear Senator Gordon,… more »