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An informed opinion on preferential treatment based on sexual orientation

[Following is an online conversation between me and a commenter on my blog. I suggest you start at the end and work your way up through the three e-mails from the commenter and my tworesponses. The original comment was in response to this article about C… more »

Adding sexual orientation to hate crimes law - My letter to Governor Owens

As pointed out to me in a reader comment, the governor has already allowed this bill to become law without his signature. I wrote the letter today after receiving an e-mail from a group of Republican legislators in the State house. Apparently there is st… more »

Univ. of Colorado Regents properly approve 28% tuition increase

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/9/05: re: Tuition increase approved; State officials blast 28 percent jump (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/5/05),1713,BDC_2… more »

Governor Owens sets a personal record in vetoes

[I'm glad to see Bill Owens attempt to redeem himself (from his support of Referendum C, busting the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights) by setting a record in recent years for the number of bills vetoed by a Colorado Governor. Here is an explanation by Republic… more »

Referendum C: The Trojan Horse of Taxation

Here's a new (and brilliant) campaign by the Colorado Club for Growth to begin educating citizens of Colorado about what Referendum C (busting the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights) is really about. Considering that TABOR-like bills are on the ballot in nearly a… more »

Education's problem is not a lack of money

In response to a question from a school administrator in Colorado, George Clowes of the Heartland Institute responded with this excellent article about the lack of correlation between money spent on K-12 education and student performance, when controllin… more »

Salazars won because Republicans played a bad game

re: Study dissects Salazars' winning ways (Rocky Mountain News, 5/30/05),1299,DRMN_15_3816606,00.html To the Editors: The study about how the Salazar brothers won misses the main and obvious po… more »

Governor Owens' inconsistent day with the gay rights veto pen

re: Owens Vetoes Gay Rights Bill (Boulder Daily Camera 5/28/08),1713,BDC_16336_3813582,00.html To the Editors: I offer Governor Bill Owens a one-handed clap for his twin (fraternal not identical… more »

A letter to a tax-increasing Colorado Republican

This letter was e-mailed to CO State Senator Steve Johnson, Republican from Larimer County, who (to his enormous discredit) was a co-sponsor of House Bill 1194 which will be Referendum C on the ballot in November, allowing the government to keep somewher… more »

Giving credit where it is due....

Thanks to blog visitor "gopone" for this comment: Comment from: gopone [Visitor] What the heck? Please name the bad bills killed in the Senate and Hillman. Stengel and Co. in the House killed the bills. Do some research before… more »