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Colorado teachers, don't let the union give your money to Democrats!

To Colorado teachers who are members of a union: If you’re not a willing part of the left’s anti-student, pro-Nanny State, anti-merit pay education regime, don’t be an unwilling or unwitting accessory to their destructive ways. You can… more »

The remarkable success of the Leadership Program of the Rockies

In 2004-2005, I participated in the Leadership Program of the Rockies course, learning a lot and, more importantly, making many great friends and contacts in the then-simmering and now-boiling-over pro-liberty movement in Colorado. I’m going to… more »

Join me tonight at Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) at Old Chicago in Lakewood

Please join me and Ryan Call (Chairman of the Denver GOP) as we’re the invited guests to speak at and, more importantly, speak with the Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour group this evening. The event is at Old Chicago, 145 Union Blvd,… more »

The Tea Party, the "establishment", and political reality

This note was originally written less than 24 hours after the election; I delayed publication for a week on the advice of a wise friend who suggested that I should not be seen as “kicking Ken when he is down” if that’s not my intention… more »

Backbone Radio, November 7, 2010: Colorado election post-mortem

While Republicans made huge gains in the House of Representatives – the largest pick-up by a party in the House since 1938, even while we still don’t know the precise total – and while Colorado did boot two incumbent Democrats and give… more »

Si se puede indeed

Just what does it say about Colorado elections when, as Senator Mark Udall, stood up at noon in Denver today to introduce newly elected (formerly appointed) Senator Michael Bennet, the chant of the crowd behind him was “Si se puede!"? When our… more »

Are Republicans gloating too early?

On Sunday, I received the following interesting comment from a reader.  I didn’t ask if I could use his name, so I will just share it with you without identifying the person: I think Republicans and Conservatives should have laid low these past… more »

KHOW's Craig Silverman votes for Buck and Tancredo

In a courageous and interesting move, former Democrat and now unaffiliated radio talk show host Craig Silverman today publicly announced that he’s voting for Republican Ken Buck for Senate and conservative Tom Tancredo for governor.… more »

Sarah Palin endorses Tom Tancredo for governor

I realize some people might take this as a negative, but at the end of the day, Sarah Palin has been the single most influential person in this election cycle (with the possible exception of Barack Obama who is motivating one of the largest… more »

Last few hours to enter the election prediction game...

I’ll take entries for the election contest up to 6 AM my time on Tuesday morning… Join the fun and win a great book as well as bragging rights!… more »