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Ken Buck back on track

H/T WhoSaidYouSaid After a recent slightly bumpy campaign road, Ken Buck is back on track, focusing on what's important in this election.  Buck's message is well and concisely delivered in this 48 seconds of a talk he gave to a group of Republican wome… more »

Markey snarky

Yesterday, as I wasn't making money trading, I was feeling a little bitter and snarky and I took it out on a Betsy Markey campaign operative via an e-mail that she probably won't read anyway.  After re-reading it, I thought it amusing enough to share wit… more »

State Rep Jeanne Labuda lies about co-sponsoring increase in car taxes

I got an interesting press release from the campaign of Danny Stroud who is running for Colorado State House District 1, trying to defeat incumbent Democrat Jeanne Labuda. Here's the short version of the story: As you can see in the video below (or l… more »

Hickenlooper = Obama

I've said repeatedly that John Hickenlooper is just a pasty white version of Barack Obama, and that Coloradoans should have learned enough about what that means in the last two years to have learned not to vote John Hickenlooper into office. More speci… more »

John Andrews worries too much about the GOP

While my radio show partner, John Andrews, as a “party stalwart” and former candidate for governor, has deep knowledge of Colorado politics, he nevertheless overstates the negative ramifications of the rare situation presented by the 2010 Colorado electi… more »

Dean Singleton: I don't know who I'm going to vote for in Senate race

Interestingly, Denver Post Publisher Dean Singleton just said on the Caplis and Silverman radio show that he has not decided who he will vote for in Colorado's US Senate race even though his newspaper endorsed appointed Senator Michael "Who?" Bennet. S… more »

Tancredo and bombing Mecca

The media and Democrats routinely comment on -- and misrepresent -- Tom Tancredo's now well-known statment about "bombing Mecca." This issue deserves some clarification.  Whether or not you agree with Tancredo's thinking, the full context of his statem… more »

Denver Post owes Bob Schaffer an apology

In 2008, when Bob Schaffer was running for U.S. Senate, Denver Post news editor Curtis Hubbard allowed his propagandist-reporter Mike Riley to run a series of borderline-libel pieces attacking Schaffer for his interest in the Marianas Islands ("CNMI").… more »

Elliot Fladen: The Colorado governor's race debate, animated

I'm not sure just what to make of Elliot turning me into a British Queen for the purposes of this video... For the record, I think it's mostly quite a well-balanced discussion of the issues facing conservative and Republican voters, though Elliot (as h… more »

Backbone Radio, Oct 24, 2010: Down to the wire

Over time, we'll be transitioning our show promos to our new blog site at For now, he're the promo for today's (10/24/2010) excellent edition of Backbone Radio: Please join Christopher Sanders, sitting in for Ross Kamins… more »