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Iraq Study Group to present "consensus" Dec 6

see "Panel reaches deal on U.S. Iraq policy" (AP via Yahoo, 11/29/06) The Iraq Study Group, with lead members James Baker and Lee Hamilton, announced last night that they had reached a "consensu… more »

Is it in their nature?

I imagine you all have heard the story of the frog and the scorpion, but just in case, here's a short version: A scorpion wants to get across a river and finds a frog sitting by the river's edge. He asks the frog to give him a ride over on the frog's… more »

Is Iraq's problem its government?

This weekend, I read two fascinating articles on the NY Times website: U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself and Iraqi Leader Says Politicians Are Causing Violence The first article discusses a report leaked to the NY Times which po… more »

Free Kareem

Please take the time and effort to help Tom Palmer fight for the freedom of a courageous freedom-loving blogger in Egypt. Click the following link to learn more: The following is my letter to the Egy… more »

As Islam strives to earn our derision

Yet another example of silly if not psychotic Islamic reactions to the daily life of civilized people: Is Apple Computer Insulting Islam? by Kemal Silay, TCS Daily 11/14/06 more »

Stratfor on the Rumsfeld Resignation and Iraq

Back to Iraq By George Friedman, Stratfor The midterm congressional elections have given the Democrats control of the U.S. House of Representatives. It is possible -- as of this writing, on Wednesday afternoon -- that the Senate could also go to the… more »

Telegraph UK: How the neo-cons lost the war

This article in the UK Daily Telegraph is one of the most damning I've seen about how the US handled Iraq and the potential long-term damage from the war. These articles give me no satisfaction, as I supported going into Iraq. But the way the Administra… more »

Danish court ruling better than nothing

On Thursday, a Danish court threw out a civil libel suit brought by Muslim groups against the newspapers that printed "the cartoons", after the government declined to bring criminal charges. The reaction of Muslims is telling. From a BBC article on th… more »

Yet another Muslim cleric shows the real Islam

see "Cleric 'should go for rape comments'" (The Australian, 10/26/06),20867,20647517-1702,00.html At least there is a government somewhere which recognizes the equivalent of "The Constitution is not a suic… more »

British General: Get out of Iraq ASAP

I hate to say it, but he seems more right every day... The new head of the British army said in an interview that the presence of British soldiers in Iraq may be making the situation worse rather than better at this point. There is much more in the i… more »