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Yes, the Bushmen have property rights

In a ruling that brought a smile to my face, Botswana's high court has ruled that the government's expulsion of about 1,000 San Bushmen from their traditional home areas in the Kalahari desert was illegal and unconstitutional. The BBC story on the rul… more »

Foreign Aid: Feeding the Monster

re "World Bank Reports Poverty Programs Ineffective" (Washington Post, 12/7/06) To the Editor: While self-criticism by the World Bank is a good start toward refor… more »

The Iraq Study Group report and the media

The Iraq Study Group (ISG) has released its report on the situation in Iraq, along with 79 policy recommendations. The full report can be found HERE, and excerpts on the Washington Post site HERE. I will write more in coming days about the details… more »

Be proud of wealth inequality

On Tuesday, the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER) released a study called “The World Distribution of Household Wealth”. The study’s headline, from their press release, begins “the richest… more »

Iraq Study Group to present "consensus" Dec 6

see "Panel reaches deal on U.S. Iraq policy" (AP via Yahoo, 11/29/06) The Iraq Study Group, with lead members James Baker and Lee Hamilton, announced last night that they had reached a "consensu… more »

Is it in their nature?

I imagine you all have heard the story of the frog and the scorpion, but just in case, here's a short version: A scorpion wants to get across a river and finds a frog sitting by the river's edge. He asks the frog to give him a ride over on the frog's… more »

Is Iraq's problem its government?

This weekend, I read two fascinating articles on the NY Times website: U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself and Iraqi Leader Says Politicians Are Causing Violence The first article discusses a report leaked to the NY Times which po… more »

Free Kareem

Please take the time and effort to help Tom Palmer fight for the freedom of a courageous freedom-loving blogger in Egypt. Click the following link to learn more: The following is my letter to the Egy… more »

As Islam strives to earn our derision

Yet another example of silly if not psychotic Islamic reactions to the daily life of civilized people: Is Apple Computer Insulting Islam? by Kemal Silay, TCS Daily 11/14/06 more »

Stratfor on the Rumsfeld Resignation and Iraq

Back to Iraq By George Friedman, Stratfor The midterm congressional elections have given the Democrats control of the U.S. House of Representatives. It is possible -- as of this writing, on Wednesday afternoon -- that the Senate could also go to the… more »