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Colorado school choice case reaches state Supreme Court

As education scholars at AEI put it, Douglas County, Colorado is the "most interesting school district in America" as it "tests the limits of education reform." And like any good reforms, Douglas County's revolutionary changes (which are likely… more »

Scaring the Children

On Friday, in response to President Barack Obama's latest divide-and-conquer tactic, the House of Representatives will vote on a measure to prevent interest rates on subsidized Stafford (college) loans from doubling from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent,… more »

Boulder Holidaze

If you're not a pothead (I'm not) and if you don't live near a pot mecca like Boulder, Colorado (I do), you might not know that today, 4/20, is something of a national holiday for marijuana devotees. It isn't, as urban legend would have you believe, be… more »

Affirmative Action on Life Support

Monday was a banner day in jurisprudence: On that morning, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – the most overturned Court of Appeals in the nation – actually got one right. In a ruling that relied more on precedent than on new analysis, the court's… more »

No Bureaucrat Left Behind

Over at the National Journal web site, experts in education have offered a range of opinions about the 10th anniversary of George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" law. They're quite interesting, but not surprisingly my favorite opinion is that of my… more »

Bob Schaffer explains exploding college costs

I'm traveling on business, so for today's reading allow me to share an article by former Congressman and current Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, Bob Schaffer, about how shielding higher education from market forces allows, even encour… more »

Douglas County school choice plan gets national attention

Bob Bowden, the director of the education documentary, The Cartel, is bringing attention to a major school choice battle right here in Colorado -- in Douglas County, to be precise. His organization, Choice Media, has put out a short and informative vid… more »

Colorado Proposition 103 prediction

[Update: Looks like I was too conservative! With 61% of the vote in, Proposition 103 is losing by 30 percent. In order to get this sort of result, there must have been a large number of Democrats opposing the measure along with almost all Republicans… more »

University of Colorado employee bonuses

Following up on my note the other day about a University of Colorado employee who hopes that voters won't find out about upcoming bonuses for CU employees because it might hurt the chances of Prop 103 passing, I have more information to offer: The bonu… more »

Analysis of Colorado Proposition 103

Penn Pfiffner, a Senior Fellow of the Independence Institute, has released an analysis of Proposition 103, including measuring the size of its tax hike, explaining the likely shell game to be played with the money raised, and showing how throwing more… more »
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