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Colorado off-year election thoughts

While there are no state-wide candidates on Colorado's mail-in ballot this year, there are nevertheless a few things worth paying close attention to and worth voting on. First, Proposition 103, a gigantic tax hike marketed, as usual, as being "for the… more »

Colorado Prop 103 deception

[Make sure you read through at least the middle of this article. I have a fascinating tidbit for you...] Like many Coloradans, I received a robo-call supporting Proposition 103, in which the disembodied female supporter describes 103 as a "five-year ti… more »

Don Boudreaux: Government supermarkets?

Don Boudreaux reframes the school choice debate in terms of food... 25 April 2011 Editor, The Wall Street Journal 1211 6th Ave. New York, NY 10036 Dear Editor: Randi Weingarten insists that "markets aren't the education solution" (April 25). Let's see.… more »

The face of evil at the NEA

H/T Keith D. Although this video is two years old, its message is perhaps more important today than ever and highlights how the National Education Association is truly the enemy of this nation's children, a wolf in sheep's clothing using our boys and… more »

Colorado teachers, don't let the union give your money to Democrats!

To Colorado teachers who are members of a union: If you’re not a willing part of the left’s anti-student, pro-Nanny State, anti-merit pay education regime, don’t be an unwilling or unwitting accessory to their destructive ways. You can… more »

Welcome to Diversity University

This is pretty good…especially if you’ve seen what colleges are turning out lately: SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Welcome to Diversity University',… more »

America's dumbing-down continues

Just as socialists don’t understand that their policies can’t make everyone rich but they can make everyone poor, this remarkable story shows how left-wing approaches to teaching can only do great harm to our nation in the interest of… more »

"Disproportionate" discipline of minority students not likely to be racist

The tone of the Denver Post editorial – and the tone of people quoted in it – about “racial disparity in student discipline” implies a strong suspicion that racism is an important factor in minority students being “disproportionately more… more »

Boulder and Jeffco School Board endorsements

I know, I should have written this earlier, but for any of you who can vote in any of these races and who have not yet sent in your ballots, I have a couple of recommendations for School Board candidates. First, in Boulder County (in the area where I… more »

So you still don't believe the left propagandizes our children?

I’ve written a few times about the tendency of dictatorships of all stripes to brainwash their children into a fawning cult of personality about the nation’s leader(s).  Some are skeptical, but most of the skeptics are closed-minded… more »
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