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More leftist college insanity

For those of you who may not be aware of existence, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education ("FIRE") is worth a look, both to see what they do and to contribute a few dollars. They are similar to one of my favorite organizations, the… more »

Colorado teachers and their union dues

The Independence Institute ( has created an important and useful information for Colorado's unionized teachers. Teachers in other states probably have a lot to learn from it as well. The site, called the Education Policy Center, can be… more »

A reader's letter to Governor Owens

Thanks to a reader for copying me on this amusing letter he sent to our once fiscally responsible governor... Honorable Governor Owens, Sir I would like to note a few things that are souring my attitude towards taxes. I understand the need for… more »

No on Referendum C: Education data show again that more money is not the solution

re: "Achievement gap carves across Colorado schools" (Denver Post, 10/4/05) To the Editors: There is an important implication for Referendum C in today’s story about the ethnic educational achievement gap,… more »

California teachers' union mortgages headquarters to fight the Governator

re: "Teachers union mortgage will finance campaign" (Washington Times, 8/18/05) [A shorter version of this was sent as a letter to the editor.] To the Editors: The California Teachers… more »

Johnny can't read but at least he's culturally sensitive

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera, 6/27/05,1713,BDC_2491_3884864,00.html re: "Charter schools less diverse" (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/18/05)… more »

Univ. of Colorado Regents properly approve 28% tuition increase

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/9/05: re: Tuition increase approved; State officials blast 28 percent jump (Boulder Daily Camera, 6/5/05)… more »

Education's problem is not a lack of money

In response to a question from a school administrator in Colorado, George Clowes of the Heartland Institute responded with this excellent article about the lack of correlation between money spent on K-12 education and student performance, when… more »

No change in TABOR without addressing spending!

PUBLISHED! (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/19/05),1713,BDC_2491_3710084,00.html re: Quick Fix Won't Help In The Long Run (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/17/05)… more »

Not Just a Colorado Issue: Political corruption in public education (follow-up)

Following my note is a letter from the gentlemen pursuing the misuse of public education resources in the election of Bob Bacon to the Colorado State Senate. It follows on a story I wrote about a month ago. Across the country, teachers' unions are… more »
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