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The other shoe drops on campaign finance reform

By a 5-4 vote along the usual “conservative versus liberal” fault line, the Supreme Court has struck down aggregate limits on political contributions. Currently, the federal government restricts the amount of money a person may contribute to a political… more »

Colorado teachers, don't let the union give your money to Democrats!

To Colorado teachers who are members of a union: If you’re not a willing part of the left’s anti-student, pro-Nanny State, anti-merit pay education regime, don’t be an unwilling or unwitting accessory to their destructive ways. You can… more »

What's good for the campaign finance goose...

Most campaign finance laws are, in the words of Douglas Adams, a load of dingo’s kidneys. But at least for now they are what they are, every candidate knows or should know what they are, and everybody needs to play by the same rules. It’s… more »

Scott Brown gets one right

I’ve been pretty rough on Senator Scott Brown (R-Ted Kennedy’s Seat) lately, wondering aloud whether he has any particular use other than being one more in the head count toward a Republican majority.  The question seems to have a different… more »

Public-Sector Unions: The Fourth Rail of Politics

I’m participating in the Leadership Program of the Rockies Annual Retreat today, so I won’t be writing about yesterday’s health care summit.  I’m sure plenty of other people will have covered that Kabuki more than adequately. But… more »

Supreme Court strikes heart of McCain-Feingold

In a 5-4 ruling yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States declared unconstitutional the McCain-Feingold prohibitions against running ads naming a candidate for federal office within 30 days of a primary election or 60 days of a general.   More… more »

Thanks a lot, John McCain

Of the many reasons to dislike John McCain, far and away the leading reason is his blatantly unconstitutional attack on free political speech, which is precisely what the First Amendment was intended to protect. Of the many reasons to… more »

Our political muzzle

re "FEC fines Swift Boat, MoveOn" (LA Times, 12/14/06),0,6247964.story? To the Editor: The Federal Election Commissions rulings against spending by “527” groups is a predictable and terrible… more »

Saddam sentenced to death

Saddam Hussein and two high-ranking members of his regime were sentenced to death at about 4 AM EST this morning. Appeals are automatic, but assuming the verdicts will be upheld, Saddam requested that… more »

Economy hums along, mainstream media is silent

There were two economic reports today on the employment situation which the GOP should (but, if history is any guide they won't) trumpet the benefits of the Bush tax cuts and the risks to the economy of a Democrat takeover of Congress. In particular,… more »
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