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The morning-after pill

In a remarkable move for a left-wing administration, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleeen Sebelius overruled the FDA on Wednesday and did not permit the Plan B contraceptive, often called the "morning after pill," to be available to girls under… more »

Paul Ryan 's Guide to Repeal and Replace

On Tuesday, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) gave a speech at the Hoover Institution about health care which he titled "The Optimist's Guide to Repeal and Replace." It explains the problems in the health care system, why prices are out of control, why… more »

The tip of the Obamacare iceberg

Over at, John Vinci explains how even the earliest Obamacare regulation implementations are wreaking havoc with our health insurance system: more »

The inevitable "exchange" metastasis

Colorado's SB200 which created a health care "exchange" for the state after the bill was sponsored by House Majority Leader Amy Stephens (R-Monument) is already demonstrating the first of its unintended consequences. By this I mean the consequences… more »

Insurance is not access

In my article for the American Spectator yesterday, I mentioned two New York Times' articles, one which exposed the Obama Administration's "mystery shopper" scheme regarding doctor's appointments and another when the Administration deep-sixed the plan… more »

Obama's medical mystery shoppers

On Tuesday evening, after being outed by the NY Times, the Obama Administration abandoned plans to have "mystery shoppers" call primary care physicians to determine how easy or difficult it is to get a doctor’s appointment and whether being part of a… more »

Paul Ryan shows Dems what the truth sounds like

Thanks to my tipster-to-remain-nameless for alerting me to this clip of Rep. Ryan on the House floor on Wednesday. It's stuff like this which gives me some hope that the GOP will figure out a way to defeat the Dems' repugnant Mediscare tactics, clearly… more »

Paul Ryan explains Medicare costs more »

Penn and Teller explain vaccinations

H/T Michael Brown I've written in the past (here, here) about idiot Boulder liberals believing anything negative they read about risks of vaccinating children because those liberals are so willing to believe anything negative about any large profitable… more »

Romney even worse than Gingrich on health care

The Cato Institute's Michael Cannon blasts presidential hopeful Mitt Romney with both barrels regarding Romney's responsibility for, and refusal to back away from, Romney care and thus Obamacare. As Cannon says, "Romney claimed, 'Our plan was a state s… more »
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