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Death Panels are the logical conclusion of government involvement in health care

OK, they’re not actually “death panels” at all, but the title got you to keep reading… People shouldn’t be upset at the idea of government doing what it must do to control costs once government takes control of health care… more »

The Death Panel loses round one, but should they?

Drug company Dendreon makes Provenge, the only drug on the market which shows some success in extending the life of prostate cancer victims.  However, the treatment costs $93,000 in order to get an average of an extra four months of life.  (To be clear… more »

Michael Bennet's Obamacare failures

John Dendahl has penned the following letter to Senator Michael “Who?” Bennet. It addresses Bennet on the issue of Obamacare better than I could, and I have received Mr. Dendahl’s permission to copy the letter here:   The Hon. Michael… more »

Preexisting conditions

Progressives don’t understand economics; it’s that simple.  It’s most often seen in the “elite” liberal media by supporting policies with an implicit free lunch.  Such is the case with The New Republic’s Jonathan… more »

MN Gov Pawlenty issues Executive Order against early adoption of Obamacare

As he prepares an almost-certain run for president, and in a move which distinguishes himself from Mitt Romney whose “Commonwealth Care” (Obamacare-lite) which is bankrupting Massachusetts and damaging that state’s health care system,… more »

Freezing Out the Competition

Yesterday, Federal Judge Royce Lamberth issued an explosive ruling (in an admittedly narrow world) regarding federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The ruling and the plaintiffs behind it were particularly interesting, as you can read in my… more »

It's not "The Long Life-Expectancy State"

One of the best from my friend Don Boudreaux: (Let me know if you’re not on Don’s e-mail list but would like to be.) ———— It’s entertaining to imagine what Mencken, puffing on his ever-present cigar, would say… more »

Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Repeal Obamacare

Over at Bloomberg News, former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and a co-author explain why Obamacare’s assault on small business means the law should be repealed.  It’s great intellectual ammunition for lovers of capitalism and liberty. See… more »

Donald Berwick: Obama's health care socializer-in-chief?

Over at, Ben Domenech has done a great job putting together a brief introduction to Barack Obama’s nominee to be the new head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services.  His name is Donald Berwick, and he is the archetypal… more »

My letter to the NY Times regarding health care consumption

The NY Times ran a letter by me in their Sunday issue in response to a ridiculous article by one of their most ridiculous columnists, David Leonhardt. Leonhardt blamed everyone but the real culprits for the overconsumption of health care services in… more »
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