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Obama's original speech for Democrats on Saturday

Most readers of these pages know that Barack Obama addressed Congressional Democrats on Saturday. What is less well known is the content of the original version of the speech, as written by Barack Obama himself before his speechwriters altered it to… more »

Breaking news: House will not use "deem and pass" tactic

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) just announced that the House will NOT use the “deem and pass” scheme which seemed to be the path they had been on for several days.  He refused to say whether pushback from members of the Democratic… more »

One theory on the Dems strategery

Here’s one theory on the real short-term goal of Pelosi and Obama:  They want to get enough Democrat support that they can pass the Senate Bill and their reconciliation package without having to use the “Slaughter Rule” to… more »

Harry Reid: The public option is not dead

Fox News just reported that Harry Reid says there will be a vote on a public option soon.  Now we know what Dennis Kucinich was promised for his vote.  There is no chance that a public option will pass, but the Dems will try anything and everything at… more »

The myth of inevitability

As Congressman Paul Ryan noted on Fox News a few days ago, part of the Democrats’ strategy to pass health care “reform” is to overstate the number of votes they have, trying to particularly pressure freshman and sophomore congressmen… more »

The Democrats' health care smoke and mirrors

Please have a look at my Human Events article about the literally incredible revenue and “savings” assumptions on which the Democrats are basing their erroneous claims that ObamaCare will cut budget deficits or in any other way be good for… more »

Mitt Romney's Achilles heel

As Obamacare hurtles toward possible (probable?) passage, national revulsion against the cost, intrusiveness, and impact of government-run health insurance poses a serious threat to the presidential ambitions of Mitt Romney. Romney, as governor of… more »

Dennis Kucinich switches to yes on Obamacare

In some very bad news for America, we are learning that President Obama has successfully pushed socialist congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to vote “Yes” on ObamaCare.  Kucinich had said he was against the bill because it did not contain a… more »

In case you haven't seen it: Paul Ryan's dissection of Obamacare

Most readers of these pages will have paid attention to Paul Ryan’s stunning performance at Obama’s health care “summit” on February 25th.  But as we near the end-game of the politics of passing or avoiding the destructive aims… more »

Nearing the end of quality American health care?

P.J. O’Rourke is often quoted as saying something like “If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until you see how much it costs when it’s free.” We may be getting closer to living through his dystopian prediction.… more »