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"The Other Haditha"

As the media talks more about the alleged killing of civilians in Haditha by American Marines, a situation which I believe will end badly for America in many ways (worse than Abu Ghraib by a long way, I expect), it is still critical to remember what the… more »

Murder of civilians at Haditha seems more likely to be true

see "Evidence supports Marines deliberately shot Iraqi civilians" (AP via Denver Post, 8/2/06) As investigators go through the evidence from the deaths of civilians in Haditha, Iraq, it seems to be… more »

The history of Iraq is not a cause for optimism

[Thanks again to Christopher for pointing out this unusually good Time Magazine article...] Even Churchill Couldn't Figure Out Iraq (Joel Klein, Time Magazine, 7/30/06),9565,1220442,00.html more »

Although there are many areas in which I am critical of President Bush, I maintain my belief that going into Iraq was the right decision....the best decision from a list of bad choices, one of which had to be made. While Democrats and some squishy… more »

The Real Cost of the War (not as bad as it seems?)

Guest Posting by Mike DePinto See Cost of Iraq war might double (UPI, 4/27/06) A friend passed on a good bit of advice to me recently - if someone claims something is a bad alternative or a poor choice, ask him, and yourself, “compared to what?” The… more »

Sudan: A Terrorist Nation

Sudan: A Terrorist Nation Guest Posting by Mike DePinto Osama Bin Laden provided yet another reason why the United States needs to send troops to the Sudan. In a tape authenticated by American intelligence officials, Bin Laden allied himself with the… more »

Mark Steyn on Facing Down Iran

Happy Friday, all. I'm busy trading expiration during the day and packing the house after that (we're moving on Saturday). So, for your reading pleasure, I'd like to direct you to this excellent (and long) article by Mark Steyn which explains very… more »

Debate: Should Rummy Go?

A little point-counterpoint on First, Mike DePinto's opinion: Calls for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation dominate the headlines like no time since the Abu Grab scandal. A number of retired generals have set off this round of speculation… more »

Preparing for possible strike on Iran?

My take on Iran, as I've said before, is that the optimal strategy is to use back-channels (including encouraging "revealing" articles to be written) to scare the government of Iran, while working with internal groups in Iran to create a domestic… more »

Bush ratings at all-time low, but it's not quite as bad as it looks

see "Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Find New Lows" (AP via ABC News, 4/7/06) While mainstream media outlets can barely conceal their glee with headlines like the above and "Bush and… more »
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