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Canadians illogically blame US for gun crime

Thanks to Steve H for sending me this link. It's an interesting story about Canadian politicians blaming their gun crime on availability of guns from the US. The last line of the article is a great one: "If lax gun laws are the problem, why is… more »

Mainstream media avoids more good news

see "U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division finds 'large cache'" (Pravda, quoting AP, via, 12/21/05) A friend e-mailed me a story about the Army's 101st Airborne finding a large… more »

Responding to Mike's question about Iraq

thanks to my friend Mike for a good comment, which I have reposted here, followed by my answer: New comment on your post #674 "Sunday Morning TV and other thoughts." Author: Mike DePinto… more »

Dems commit political masochism (and maybe suicide)

see "Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq" (WOAI San Antonio, 12/6/05) and "Obama: Iraq war splits Democrats" (Chicago Tribune, 12/6/05)… more »

Murtha, Democrats, one step too clever

see "Murtha predicts U.S. withdrawal from Iraq within the next year" (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/2/05) and "Senator Clinton Calls for Withdrawal From Iraq to… more »

Us and Them - US Soldiers can't be compared to the enemy

While Amnesty International calls Gitmo a "gulag" and America-haters around the world try to attach some sort of moral equivalence to American soldiers in Iraq and the terrorists attacking them, the actions of the United States clearly demonstrate why… more »

The LARK Program (terrorist retraining)

[I don't know who wrote this wasn't me, though I wish I could take credit.] LARK Program A person wrote a letter to the White House complaining about the treatment of a captive taken during the Afghanistan War. Below is a copy of… more »

Hanson hits the nail on the head about the war in Iraq

see "The Politics of American Wars" (Victor Davis Hanson, 6/24/05) Karl Rove was excoriated by liberals for his characterization of their reaction to 9/11 and the war on terror. Victor Davis… more »

Ben Franklin spinning in his grave with new Patriot Act powers for FBI

re: Panel approves expanded FBI powers in Patriot Act (Boston Globe, 6/8/05) "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary… more »

Flushing the Koran...a red herring given to our enemies by Newsweek

re: Re: Afghan Protests Spread; Eight More Killed In Anti-U.S. Riots (Washington Post, 5/14/05) To the Editors: The recent news about Muslim reaction following the… more »
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