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Jed Babbin: Weakness of allies is true lesson of Libya

As usual, Jed Babbin has an insightful point about Libya, and it's not just that America should leave this project to those whose interests in Libya are much greater. It's also that our allies have by their own choice weakened their force projection… more »

House fails to extend Patriot Act provisions

In a surprise outcome sure to annoy John Boenher -- and to remind him that many freshman Republicans don't feel a great to bend to the will of the party and its leadership -- the House of Representatives failed, by 8 votes, to pass H.R. 514, an… more »

Rethinking DADT

Full disclosure: I write this as someone who has never served in the military.  However, both of my parents did and I have lived on and grown up around military bases and am a strong supporter of our armed forces and their critical mission. On Saturday,… more »

Michael Rogers Jr: Don't START

Thanks to Mike Rogers for this blog contribution: There has been a great deal of bluster and noise about the need to get the New START treaty ratified by the Senate during the lame duck session. Part of the argument offered for the need for haste is… more »

Time for profiling

As the furor mounts regarding the Transportation Safety Agency’s aggressive new searches and near-nude imagery of travelers, the elephant in the room remains all but unmentioned: the odds of a three year old kid being a terrorist or even part of a… more »

Prudential cheats families of fallen veterans; VA looks the other way

Although the story is apparently not new (it seems to have been first reported by Bloomberg News in late July), I just heard about it on Bloomberg TV yesterday and it bears mentioning: The US Dept. of Veterans Affairs made a “verbal… more »

Jed Babbin: It's time to stop nation-building in the Middle East

I’ve mentioned a few times on these pages, including in my note yesterday about John McCain coming to campaign for Jane Norton, that I think Ken Buck’s position on Afghanistan (at least as I understand it) is closer to correct than… more »

John McCain to campaign with Jane Norton on issue of Afghanistan

I was interested and somewhat surprised to receive a blast e-mail from the Jane Norton campaign with this headline: Norton, McCain to Press Case for Political Courage in Afghanistan War Norton and Arizona Senator to Campaign in Colorado Sunday I sent… more »

The truth about (the other) illegals

Last Friday’s article for the American Spectator by former Romanian spy master Ion Mihai Pacepa is, I can say without hesitation, one of themost interesting articles I have ever read, in no small part because Pacepa discusses things with most… more »


I’m traveling today so I’m going to keep this short: McChrystal was right to offer his resignation and Obama was right to accept it. Any other decision would not only have looked weak in terms of domestic politics but also within the… more »
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