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Obama's Abu Ghraib photo incompetence

First, the Obama Administration was going to surrender to the ACLU and release potentially inflammatory pictures of the treatment of Abu Ghraib detainees. Now, the administration is saying that Obama will oppose the release of the photos because, as the… more »

She said what? Pelosi accuses CIA of lying

Nancy Pelosi is getting caught in her own lies, and her desperation is showing. In a press conference (click HERE for video) earlier today (Thursday), Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to the public about their briefings of Pelosi and other senior membe… more »

Stratfor on "A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism"

Thanks to Stratfor for this interesting discussion of counter-terrorism, sparked in part by the (unconscionable) release of the (not) "torture memos" by the Obama Administration." A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism April 29, 2009 By Fred… more »

Why release the "no torture" memos?

Isn't it amazing how different the same set of facts can seem based on how it's presented? Consider two articles discussing the 4 memos released by the Obama administration yesterday about CIA interrogation techniques, the use of which led the left to a… more »

The History of the "McCain Surge"

For today's leading, may I suggest this article (which I thank Rusty for pointing out to me) which is a rather long (maybe unnecessarily long, but still interesting) history of how the Iraq surge came to happen despite opposition of many key players earl… more »

What kind of world does Obama think we live in?

Barack Obama doesn't realize that we live in a dangerous world. Nor does he realize the state of US technology and our current ability, even if not yet perfected, to shoot down satellites and missiles. Maybe that's why he wants to disarm America. more »

McCain campaign starts to get aggressive

I've said before and continue to believe that the McCain campaign has been far too polite, far too kid glove, with Barack Obama. This isn't a polo match and politics ain't beanbag. I'm not talking about "smearing" Obama. I'm saying that McCain needs… more »

A big enough Thank You is impossible

As I sat down for a few minutes with my wife Sunday evening to watch her favorite TV show, "Army Wives", I saw a commercial I'd never seen before. It's one of the most memorable ads I can remember, and two things about it struck me particularly. First… more »

Who says Bush lied?

Thanks to Christopher for sending along this article which makes it clear that nearly every important statement made by President Bush regarding reasons for the Iraq War were, even if some were later found to be incorrect, "substantiated by intelligence… more »

An important weekend at home and abroad

Thanks to Rusty for submitting this excellent note. On two fronts, one here at home in the political arena, and the other around the world in Iraq, this past weekend was a big one for "the good guys". In Iraq, the month ended this past weekend feat… more »
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