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How to react when a terrorist lobs a grenade at you more »

A vivid reminder

Although I just saw this cartoon yesterday for the first time, it's apparently several years old. It is one of the most powerful political images I've ever seen. It raises two primary thoughts for me. First, while we're rightly focused on our serious… more »

A great start to 2009...unless you're Hamas

Israel has killed the most senior Hamas leader it's targeted since 2004: It reminds me of an old joke: What do you call a bus full of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. What do you… more »

Israel and Hamas

While I never like news of civilian casualties, and particularly wounded or killed children, the news from Gaza seems to show a remarkably low level of such "collateral damage" (less than 20% of deaths, reportedly) given the scale of attack being… more »

Rima Barakat: Unfit to serve in our state government

Although I’ve known Joshua Sharf from the blogging world for a couple of years, I’ve paid closer attention to his race for the State House of Representatives because of being his replacement here on the Gang of Four. It turns out that the race,… more »

Sunni and Shiite extremists hand in hand

After the recent flap of John McCain's statement connecting Tehran to Sunni groups, including Barack Obama saying that it shows McCain doesn't know what he's talking about (and unfortunately McCain backed away from his comment, making Obama look right),… more »

The CIA Tapes destruction

Democrats and the liberal media are in an uproar about the destruction in 2005 of tapes showing the CIA's 2003 interrogation of two terrorists. The Justice Department and CIA are beginning a joint inquiry. There are no good guys in this story, as I… more »

Blast Bin Laden for Saturday entertainment

Thanks to Christopher for sending this along. For a little Saturday entertainment, take 3 minutes and work out any frustrations by blasting Bin Laden: more »

FrontPageMag article: "A Grim Milestone"

This article, A Grim Milestone Ignored by Patrick Poole is an important reminder of what's going on in the world: more »

9/11 morons raise their heads in Colorado

As my regular readers know, a couple of weeks ago I got some very odd comments from someone calling himself "911 student", who had the very bad form to actually call me (twice) and leave me rambling voice mails about the government's involvement with… more »
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