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Quick comment on the new Supreme Court nominee

Hello all, I'm in Las Vegas, helping a friend with his new company (very-high-end vehicle navigation systems), so I won't be writing a lot this week. I wanted to make a quick comment about the new Supreme Court nominee, or rather the media and… more »

Breaking News: Miers withdraws from Supreme Court nomination

see "Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination" (AP via Yahoo, 10/27/05) The embattled nomination of Harriet Miers to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court ended this morning as… more »

Supreme Court kills Fed's attack on tobacco

see "US Supreme Court denies $280 billion tobacco penalty" As I wrote on this site ten months ago, the Federal government's case against tobacco companies, going after past… more »

Reply to a reader about the Miers nomination and more

A reader sent me the following note, and my reply to him follows: > Yo, Ross! > > You most likely don't recall that the first time I wrote to you it was > because of your letter to The New York Times that said "advice and consent" > really means… more »

Chief Justice Roberts' first case: Oregon assisted suicide

see "Roberts Court Hears Case on Suicide Law Chief Justice Seems Skeptical of State" (Washington Post, 10/5/05) and Supreme Court Excerpts (Washington Post, 10/5/05)… more »

breaking news: John Roberts confirmed as Chief Justice

The Senate has voted 78-22 to approve John Roberts as the 17th Chief Justice of the United States. The vote was slightly better than my earlier prediction of 72-28 in this blog posting. This confirmation was a walk in the park compared to what we'll… more »

I won't miss Justice O'Connor for new Campaign Finance cases

see "High Court Enters Campaign Finance Dispute" (AP via UK Guardian),1280,-5306538,00.html The absence of Sandra Day O'Connor and her replacement with whom I hope will be a more consitently… more »

Judiciary Committee endorses Roberts; liberals still clueless on Constitution

See "Senate Panel Endorses Roberts's Nomination as Chief Justice" (NY Times, 9/22/05) The Senate Judiciary Committee strongly recommended John Roberts as the next Chief… more »

Bush nominates John Roberts to succeed Rehnquist as Chief Justice

This morning, President Bush re-nominated Judge John Roberts, this time to the position of Chief Justice, to succed William H. Rehnquist who died on Saturday night. Justice Rehnquist was known to want to match the Supreme Court tenure record of John… more »

The death of the Chief Justice brings out the venom of the American left

While it's not exactly "news", it's unfortunate that the left wing of American politics finds it appropriate at this time to demonstrate their bitter, hateful, repugnant views of their country, their government, and by implication their fellow… more »
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