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Why GOP voters will (should?) stay home

My letter to the editor of the Washington Times regarding an interesting combination of headlines last week was printed on Sunday. Per my agreement with the Times, I won't publish the text here for several days, but you can read the letter at their web… more »

Maybe I should just stay home on Election Day

re "Democrats Have Intensity, but G.O.P. Has Its Machine" (NY Times, 10/14/06) To the Editor: As a registered Republican, I’m a perfect representative of the unmotivated voter though I will… more »

Perlmutter doesn't care about property rights

I generally don't reprint material sent to me by a campaign, but this issue is very serious and I'm too busy with options expiration to write a lot about it myself. I think this press release speaks for itself... Perlmutter Sides With Developers and… more »

Cary Kennedy can't make up her mind

Cary Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for Colorado State Treasurer, speaks out of both sides of her mouth regarding one of the most important pieces of Colorado's fiscal problems. Amendment 23, which governs spending on K-12 education, requires growth… more »

The spending that matters

re "Congressional Republicans Find Spending May Not Decide Races" (WSJ, 10/18/06) In the article above, the author notes that Republican candidates… more »

Cato on The Libertarian Vote

The Cato Institute has released an interesting and (in my opinion) important report entitled "The Libertarian Vote". The overall premise is that a higher percentage of Americans than is normally recognized is essentially libertarian (regardless of… more »

Beauprez supports economic growth; Ritter supports government growth

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post 10/11/06 re "Gubernatorial business strategy" (Denver Post, 10/8/06) To the Editor: In every business- and economy-related question,… more »

My take on the Foley scandal

re "Foley Case Upsets Tough Balance by Capitol Hill’s Gay Republicans" (NY Times, 10/7/06) To the Editor: All but the most socially conservative and sheltered Americans realize that Mr.… more »

A reader thinks I'm wrong about GOP momentum

Here's why my occasional guest-blogger Susan thinks all is not lost for the GOP's control of the House of Representatives: Ross, you're buying the MSM line and here's why I think you're wrong. The dirty politics against George Allen aided by the… more »

The end of GOP momentum

There is no doubt in my mind that the timing of the Mark Foley news was carefully planned by Democrat "conspirators". But who can blame them, given the beautiful rope the Republicans offered to hang themselves with.? Yes, the GOP talking heads keep… more »