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Caplis abandons Ritter for the wrong reasons

After hearing Dan Caplis talk about his unendorsement of Bill Ritter, I eagerly anticipated reading his opinion piece on the Rocky’s web page. Why was Caplis switching? Could it be Ritter’s outrageous plea bargain for a heroin dealer? Could it be… more »

Why is the libertarian vote up for grabs?

Clive Crook at the National Journal wrote one of many recent articles by pundits about "The Neglect of Libertarians". It's a decent article, if not earth-shattering. Following is an email I sent Mr. Crook in response to his article: Dear Mr. Crook,… more »

Serious trouble for GOP in rural America

A new survey by the Center for Rural Strategies shows substantial erosion of GOP support among rural voters. The war in Iraq was cited as the most important issue by 38% of the respondents in the poll which "was conducted Oct. 22-24 among 500 likely… more »

It's over for Webb in Virginia

This article on the Drudge Report web site probably spells a serious crash-and-burn for any chances for Democrat Jim Webb to beat George Allen in the race for Allen's Senate seat: ALLEN'S REVENGE: EXPOSES UNDERAGE SEX SCENES IN OPPONENT'S NOVELS Thu… more »

A view from an optimistic Republican

A friend of mine who would like to remain nameless offers this view of why we should have some appreciation for President Bush and the Republicans. Needless to say, I have some qualms about some of these points but I think it's an interesting insight… more »

Evans-Novak takes on Barron's

Two days ago, I linked to an article in Barron's in which Jim McTague forecasts lower-than-expected losses for the GOP based on candidates' fund-raising. The Evans-Novak Political Report disagress with that analysis: The Barron's Analysis: Everyone is… more »

Dick Armey: Christians and Big Government

This essay by Dick Armey is one of the best I've read in a long time: Christians and Big Government Why faith requires freedom. There was a day when social conservatives were united with economic conservatives in the belief that small, limited… more »

Another disaffected Republican

re "The GOP Leans on A Proven Strategy" (Washington Post, 10/25/06) As one of the “disaffected” voters the Republican Party is trying to “woo back”, my guess is that… more »

Optimism for the GOP?

Barron's analyzes the upcoming elections in terms of the fund-raising differences between candidates and believes that the GOP will do better than conventional wisdom would indicate...… more »

Why GOP voters will (should?) stay home

My letter to the editor of the Washington Times regarding an interesting combination of headlines last week was printed on Sunday. Per my agreement with the Times, I won't publish the text here for several days, but you can read the letter at their web… more »