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A bad night for Rossputin

Hello all, The three races I cared about, two of which I worked hard on, all went the wrong way. In CO-5, Doug Lamborn beat Jeff Crank on the back of the absentee ballots. (I wonder how many of them would change their votes knowing what they know n… more »

Some good news from primaries

Despite having a tough night for my favored candidates, two results brought big smiles to my face: First, in Georgia, the idiotic, petulant, and racist Cynthia McKinney lost her primary race to Hank Johnson, an attorney and magistrate. McKinney is kn… more »

Get out and vote in your primaries!

I want to encourage everyone who has an interesting primary race in his or her district to get out and vote today. I'm sure it doesn't need repeating, but I encourage Republicans in Colorado's 5th Congressional District to get to the polls and vote fo… more »

Implications Of A Lieberman Primary Loss

Guest Posting by Susan Boyer Pundits on all sides are speculating about what effect a Lieberman loss in the CT primary will have on the Democrats come the November election. Few are analyzing its effect on the GOP and how it might actually help them r… more »

Lamborn is not the only one with legislative experience

re "Jostling for an edge in the 5th" (Bob Loevy, Denver Post, 8/6/06) To the Editor: Bob Loevy’s claim that Doug Lamborn “is the only candidate with legislative experience” in the 5th Congressional Distr… more »

A reader's comment on CO-5 primary

[This comment from a reader about the primary race between Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn and Lionel Rivera is interesting enough that it deserves its own posting. For the record, I don't believe Fawcett has any chance no matter who wins the GOP primary.]… more »

Even the Dems realize Pelosi is a liability

Here's a piece from ABC News' "The Note", which is just too good not to make you aware of: By MARK HALPERIN, TEDDY DAVIS, SARAH BAKER, and EMILY O'DONNELL with MICHELLE DUBERT, ANDREW FINE, and ALISON PIPITONE ABC News WASHINGTON, August 4 Ah,… more »

Christian Coalition apologizes to Jeff Crank

see "Colorado Christian Coalition under fire for political ad" [Note that there will be an ad before the news story when you play the video on the KOAA site.] The head of the national Chr… more »

Hugh Hewitt supporting Jeff Crank

In the past couple of days, Hugh Hewitt has posted a few pieces on his blog about why he is supporting Jeff Crank for Congress in CO-5. It's worth reading, especially for social conservative voters in the district. In order of posting time, most rece… more »

Doug Lamborn: the more you know the less you like

In the Republican primary for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, there are three apparent main contenders: Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn, and Lionel Rivera. Rivera, the mayor of Colorado Springs, is fading fast and I do not believe he has much of a c… more »