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A reader thinks I'm wrong about GOP momentum

Here's why my occasional guest-blogger Susan thinks all is not lost for the GOP's control of the House of Representatives: Ross, you're buying the MSM line and here's why I think you're wrong. The dirty politics against George Allen aided by the… more »

The end of GOP momentum

There is no doubt in my mind that the timing of the Mark Foley news was carefully planned by Democrat "conspirators". But who can blame them, given the beautiful rope the Republicans offered to hang themselves with.? Yes, the GOP talking heads keep… more »

Does Perlmutter have any views on the economy and jobs?

There is a striking difference between the information on Rick O'Donnell's web site and Ed Perlmutter's site: As I look through the issues discussions by the candidates for the ultra-targeted race in Colorado's 7th Congressional District, I see the… more »

Finally, the press releases some bad news on Ritter

see "Deportations avoided via DA's plea deals" (Denver Post, 9/30/06) Finally, a story that was bad for Bill Ritter that is so juicy even the blatantly anti-Beauprez and anti-Republican Denver Post had to run… more »

The evidence on Dems and Walmart

Following my recent posting about WalMart again benefiting the public with their $4 generic drug program, a reader who calls himself "Thinker" sent me a comment which ended with this question: "Why do you say that attacking Wal-Mart is one of the… more »

Pueblo Chieftain endorses Mark Hillman

The following letter is from the Hillman campaign. For the record, I'm a big supporter of Mark Hillman. I think he's one of the best Colorado has to offer and I would vote for him without hesistation for any office he runs for. ------------------… more »

O'Donnell is right on Social Security

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News, 10/5/06,2777,DRMN_23966_5042777,00.html see "Dems: GOP again targets Social Security" (AP via Rocky Mountain News, 9/23/06)… more »

Bill Ritter is no investor

re "Ritter, Beauprez debate senior aid" (Denver Post, 9/19/06) To the Editor: The idea that Bill Ritter’s support of Referendum C represented an “investment mentality” is laughable. When someone makes an… more »

Armed Services Committe makes fundamental error

see "Senate Committee Rebuffs Bush on Terror Tribunals" (Bloomberg News, 9/15/06) I have been a critic of President Bush's attitude surrounding executive power in the context of the… more »

Gigi Dennis responds to the Denver Post

On August 30th, the Denver Post ran an editorial criticizng Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis for "controversial campaign rules she imposed this month". The Post has refused to print Secretary Dennis's response, but I have it here for you,… more »