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Hugh Hewitt supporting Jeff Crank

In the past couple of days, Hugh Hewitt has posted a few pieces on his blog about why he is supporting Jeff Crank for Congress in CO-5. It's worth reading, especially for social conservative voters in the district. In order of posting time, most rece… more »

Doug Lamborn: the more you know the less you like

In the Republican primary for Colorado's 5th Congressional District, there are three apparent main contenders: Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn, and Lionel Rivera. Rivera, the mayor of Colorado Springs, is fading fast and I do not believe he has much of a c… more »

What do Republicans stand for?

A few days ago, I posted the Colorado Club for Growth's endorsement of Kevan McNaught in the GOP primary for Colorado House District 51. This race is a microcosm of both the pathetic state of today's Republican Party and its hope. The two candidate… more »

CO Club for Growth endorses Kevan McNaught

COLORADO FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—7/17/2006 CONTACT: BILL MILLER – 719-227-1122/DAVE PEARSON – 303-421-7223 COLORADO CLUB FOR GROWTH ENDORSES KEVAN MCNAUGHT Opponent’s record shows tax hikes and use of eminent domain to take private farmland The… more »

Why to support Jeff Crank, #2

I have not verified that the email below is genuine, but I believe it is. It describes what I believe to be the continuing unethical tactics of the Lamborn campaign, spreading outright lies and misleading information about his opponents, especially Jeff… more »

McCain's strength a sign of GOP weakness

[Per my agreement with the Washington Times, I delayed posting this letter for a week after they printed it] [PUBLISHED in the Washington Times, 7/9/06] re "McCain sitting pretty for… more »

Social Security reform coming back to life?

see "Social Security battle reignites" (Washington Times, 7/9/06) President Bush seems to be trying to restart the debate on Social Security and Medicare reform. It's a courageous and dang… more »

With friends like Hillary....

see "Sen. Clinton Hedges Lieberman Support" (Washington Post, 7/5/06) Senator Hillary Clinton who has been notable for being one of the few relatively hawkish Democr… more »

Supreme Court rules againt Guantanamo tribunals

In a 5-3 decision overturning the DC Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court has ruled that an Al Qaeda terrorist (Hamdan, in this case) can not be tried by a special military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. Justice Roberts recused himself because he was on t… more »

The implications of Texas' redistricting

see "Texas map ruling spurs gerrymandering" (Financial Times, 6/28/06) The Supreme Court, in one of its most convoluted and complicated decisions in recent memory, upheld most of Texas… more »