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Safer but not safe

Five years after the day that changed everything for America, we are indeed, as President Bush and others say frequently, safer but not safe. Our security services and those of other countries have stopped many plots we know about and many more we'll… more »

Pete DuPont on protecting the Electoral College

From the WSJ's Opinion Journal.... Trash the 'Compact' An attempt to circumvent the Electoral College is really an urban power grab. BY PETE DU PONT Monday, August 28, 2006 12:01 a.m.… more »

What the mid-term elections will really be about

This guest posting by Christopher Sanders is his response to the article noted below by Al Hunt. see "Democrats See Victory in U.S. House Races, Senate Within Reach" (Albert Hunt, Bloomberg News, 8/28/06)… more »

Tide turning for GOP?

Guest posting by Susan Boyer Some pundits who were salivating over the assumed takeover of the House or Senate or both are starting to sound a little less cocky-and for good reason. Bush's poll numbers are up and recent polling has shown the generic… more »

Now is not the time to vote for a Democrat

I'm sure my readers didn't miss the fact that I supported Jeff Crank over Doug Lamborn in the GOP primary in Colorado's 5th Congressional District. As it became clear during the last couple of days that the race would be very close, there ensued a… more »

Democratic Implications of Lieberman's Loss

In the short hours after Joe Lieberman became the fourth incumbent Senator to lose a primary in the last quarter century, some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party are lining up behind the victorious anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont. Harry Reid,… more »

Walberg/Schwarz race was not primarily about social issues

re "House Incumbents McKinney, Schwarz Fall in Primaries" (Washington Post, 8/9/06) Mr. Weisman, I understand that you are no friend of conservatives, but you do… more »

A bad night for Rossputin

Hello all, The three races I cared about, two of which I worked hard on, all went the wrong way. In CO-5, Doug Lamborn beat Jeff Crank on the back of the absentee ballots. (I wonder how many of them would change their votes knowing what they know… more »

Some good news from primaries

Despite having a tough night for my favored candidates, two results brought big smiles to my face: First, in Georgia, the idiotic, petulant, and racist Cynthia McKinney lost her primary race to Hank Johnson, an attorney and magistrate. McKinney is… more »

Get out and vote in your primaries!

I want to encourage everyone who has an interesting primary race in his or her district to get out and vote today. I'm sure it doesn't need repeating, but I encourage Republicans in Colorado's 5th Congressional District to get to the polls and vote for… more »