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Santorum's Sagging Significance

Rick Santorum's supporters are probably dismayed, and understandably so, at the repetition of a particular pattern: When Mitt Romney wins a race during this Republican presidential primary season, even if narrowly, it is reported as a big deal, a signif… more »

Does Santorum prefer Obama to Romney?

With remarks on Thursday by Rick Santorum suggesting he might rather see four more years of Barack Obama than see Mitt Romney become president, some are theorizing that Santorum is making a play for the 2016 Republican nomination. As Newsbusters… more »

Who would get Gingrich's voters?

In a short video rejecting certain "conventional wisdom", the Gallup organization makes a few interesting arguments based on poll results. One is that there is not (at least not yet) a connection between high gas prices and President Obama's approval r… more »

The Ross Kaminsky Show, March 18, 2012

On the show today, a little more politics than we've done recently. In the 11 AM hour: It's one thing when government agencies make mistakes or don't do the best things for our country. For example, the Department of Education is an unconstitutional an… more »

Up-Holder-ing Voter Fraud

On Monday, the US Department of Justice, operating under antiquated provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, blocked Texas' recently passed Voter ID law, claiming that the law was targeting Hispanics, and aimed at suppressing their vote in the state.… more »

Salena Zito: GOP touts benefits of long primary

While I'm working on a longer article, for today's reading I'd like to offer you this antidote to the conventional wisdom about the impact of the current GOP primary election season, by the always excellent Salena Zito (one of my favorite political repo… more »

Rick's Missing Message

It's a maxim in political communications that something that isn't repeated at least half a dozen times in a speech won't be remembered by the audience. So it was no surprise to hear the words "job" or "jobs" uttered by former Massachusetts Governor… more »

Will Romney have Michigan momentum?

On one hand, Mitt Romney's win in Michigan was not by a wide margin. On the other hand, it was a much bigger and more important victory than Rick Santorum's supporters, other than perhaps the clear-eyed Stacy McCain, will let on. And on the other other… more »

Santorum's economic plan

In the Wall Street Journal today, former Senator and current Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lays out his economic and tax framework. He begins with an aggressive attack on Mitt Romney: Attempting to distract from his record of tax and… more »

Do you ever feel this way about our election?

Douche and Turd Get More: SOUTH PARKmore... more »