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Obama That I Used to Know

One of the keys to this election will be whether young, idealistic, and mostly ignorant young voters remain enthusiastic supporters of Barack Obama. Given that this group gets a lot of information from non-traditional sources, such as Jon Stewart's The… more »

Why Paul Ryan is Tremendous

Paul Ryan gets it. As he said to a cheering crowd, "America is more than just a place, though. America is an idea. It's the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not from government." Can I get a "Halleljuah, Brother… more »

If it's Ryan

A few things which occur to me as strong positives for Mitt Romney's possibly choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate: We've already seen Ryan have a complete mastery of budget items, and the ability to completely demolish Obamacare. Ryan can erase th… more »

AP: Romney VP Pick to be Named on Saturday

The Associated Press is reporting that Mitt Romney will announce his running mate on Saturday morning in Virginia. Some, as Jim Antle mentions, are thinking Romney might try to make a "splash" with his pick. I disagree, and think that he will pick some… more »

Thelma and Louise Economics

Things didn't end all that well for Thelma and Louise, in the eponymous 1991 Ridley Scott film, as they drove off a cliff in a desperate effort to evade legal and moral responsibility for having transformed themselves from non-descript mediocrities into… more »

In Defense of Eric Fehrnstrom

Conservative media is, if you'll pardon the 21st-century pun, all atwitter following Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom's interview with MSNBC's Chuck Todd in which Fehrnstrom said that Governor Romney believes the Obamacare "individual mandate" is a penalt… more »

Thoughts on Wisconsin recall results more »

AARP opposing Voter ID

Another fight is brewing in Minnesota over that state's proposed Voter ID amendment to the state's constitution. The state chapter of the AARP (along with the ACLU) is opposing the measure, claiming it will keep some elderly people from voting. News re… more »

Americans not as stupid as Obama thinks

A CBS News/New York Times poll shows that two thirds of Americans believe that President Obama's recent "evolution" on gay marriage was a political stunt while one quarter thinks his change was “mostly because he thinks it is right.” Amusingly, an Obama… more »

The First Gay Ex-President

Barack Obama got the best of the gay marriage debate – for the first 24 hours. But like the Democrats' "war on women" rhetoric, it is already backfiring on him, as anyone outside the president's far-left echo chamber might have warned him. The first… more »