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Immigration Strategery

Why have House Republican leaders in recent days offered interviews about immigration reform — an issue most Americans do not consider an urgent policy matter — and released a short list of “Standards for Immigration Reform” knowing that they would… more »


In astrophysics, there is a concept called a “singularity.” Most often discussed in terms of the Big Bang or black holes, a singularity is, among other things, a point in spacetime from which no prior matter or information can escape. Because pressures… more »

Real Immigration Reform Requires Free Markets

Only in the United States Congress could a legislative provision entitled “Market-Based H-1B Visa Limits” actually mean that “the number of visas calculated under subparagraph (A) for any fiscal year shall not be less than 110,000 or more than 180,000.”… more »

Mission Viejo Rule of Law Resolution

The city council of Mission Viejo (California) released a "rule of law" resolution last year. While I do have some reservations about e-Verify, nevertheless it's good to see a city government not be cowed by the political correctness that seems to take… more »

Amnesty Versus Bigotry

It has recently become fashionable in conservative circles to attack Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” for putting forward a framework of principles for reform of America’s broken immigration system. The critiques from… more »

Verrilli's Latest Losing Hand

"It seems to me that the Federal Government just doesn't want to know who is here illegally or not." -- Chief Justice John Roberts Like a poker player who keeps getting dealt nothing better than a pair of threes, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli has… more »

Boudreaux on immigration

My friend Don Boudreaux, economist (and former Chairman of the Economics Department) at George Mason University is one of this country's best writers and thinkers on the economics (and morality) of immigration. Don approaches the issue with a decidedly… more »

Larry Levy: Citizens Aren’t the Only People Who Vote

Attorney Larry Levy of the law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani has penned this important article relating to voter fraud in Colorado. On March 8, 2011 Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a non-partisan report suggesting that thousands of… more »

Obama's broken clock on immigration

President Obama was better than usual, but not as good as he should have been, during a speech about immigration policy reform he gave in El Paso on Tuesday afternoon. (Text of speech here.) He correctly noted that the current system is broken, that we… more »

Election congrats and thoughts

Congratulations to last nights winners.  Here are a few, with a few brief thoughts on the coming general election: Ken Buck, whose campaign grew steadily on me during the race, as did his generally avoiding the n… more »
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