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A Mexican comments on my recent immigration piece

In response to my article "US-Mexico wall proposal highlights bad government on both sides of the border", I got a rather interesting comment from one "Jimmy Lago" who used an e-mail address making it clear he is Mexican. (I won't post his e-mail address… more »

Readers' comments reveal much about immigration politics

I've had some interesting and thoughtful comments regarding my piece on the bad behavior of both the US and Mexican governments regarding immigration, as highlighted by the proposed wall. I would like to take a minute to re-post at least part of several… more »

US-Mexico wall proposal highlights bad government on both sides of the border

[Note: Please keep in mind when you read this piece that I understand Mexicans wanting to come to the USA. I think they bring substantial well as substantial American society. I support more aggressive enforcement of our immigratio… more »

A web site devoted to immigration issues

The communications director for the Migration Policy Institute apparently found my blog and sent me the following note. Based on a brief look at the site, it appears to have some interesting discussion and information. I have not yet determined whether… more »

Gary Becker sounds sensible on immigration

Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker, who has been troublingly inconsistent recently in some arguments about outsourcing, comes through with an excellent opinion piece on immigration. [You may not be able to see the piece without a subscription...I'm not su… more »

Now, the Republican debate about immigration

See "Border Security an Issue for GOP",0,130284.story? Here's a (surprisingly) insightful article by the LA Times on the debate with the Republican Party about how to deal with the iss… more »

Democrats begin internal debate about illegal immigration

Democrats are rightly realizing the potential power of the illegal immigration issue, an area where Republicans have a major advantage at this time. Dick Lamm, former Governor of Colorado, has (apparently) written the following interesting take on the is… more »

A must-read magazine: City Journal Autumn 2005

I highly recommend subscribing to City Journal, or at least buying the Autumn 2005 issue and read it cover to cover. If you prefer reading online, use the link below to City Journal. The article about the Mexican diplomats' involvement in illegal immigr… more »

Illegal immigration as an argument against Ref C

Hello all, As we approach the critical November 1st date for the Referendum C vote, I'm going to take today and next Sunday for further discussion of the issue and will get back to travel writing in November. While I think illegal immigration is a… more »

Border Patrol trying to make Minuteman Project look ineffective?

From the "Someone should get fired if this is true" files: From today's Washington Times: Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona By Jerry Seper THE WASHINGTON TIMES U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal alien… more »
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