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Obama’s Keystone Confusion

In his appearance last Monday on The Colbert Report, President Obama restated his approach to the Keystone XL pipeline decision, a mindset that can only be described as confused. The president summarized his strange dilemma as follows: “[Keystone] could… more »

Mark Udall's Corrupt Keystone Bargain

At least that's how the folks at American Commitment put it. While I don't think attacks based on mysterious unknown billionaires are particularly effective, the new ad from American Commitment arguing that Colorado Senator Mark Udall has sold out… more »

Of Course Government Policies Don't "Adapt Fast Enough"

Comment:Visions, a mostly European project of Shell Oil in which they try to generate conversation about various energy-related policy questions, occasionally asks me for input. They did again recently on the question of whether governments' energy and… more »

Yes on Green But No on Green River

Barack Obama's muddled thinking, so typical of a radical environmentalist's hatred for oil and other things that improve human life, leaves him with an energy policy that only a Democrat (but not one from an energy-producing state) could find… more »

If I Wanted America to Fail

H/T Mike R. Mitt Romney and every American voter needs to listen carefully, and learn... more »

A Dark Day for Solar Power

First Solar Corporation was indeed first at something: It was the first solar company to lose more than $15 billion of market value. FSLR's stock plummeted from $140 per share a year ago, and $170 a few weeks before that, to under $21 per share early t… more »

Obama's Oily Desperation Redux

On Thursday, Reuters reported that Britain and the U.S. have reached an agreement to release oil from the nations' oil reserves. The report states that the idea originated with the Obama administration and that "Britain would respond positively" to a… more »

Keystone pipeline to be rejected again

Various media outlets are reporting that at a press conference this afternoon the State Department will reject going forward with the Keystone XL pipeline as it is currently defined but will allow TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, to offe… more »

Carbon tax: Australia's economic suicide

Less than two years after a proposed carbon tax felled Australia's Labour Party Prime Minister, his replacement, an utter economoron if ever there was one, appears ready and able to pass such a tax through the Australian Parliament with the support of a… more »

Ross on WTIC (Hartford) with Ray Dunaway

I had the opportunity to join Ray Dunaway's morning talk show in Hartford, CT, on Tuesday morning.The topic was basically "energy myths of the left". Click here to listen to the audio. more »
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