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The Pope's Climate Confusion

As the leader of perhaps the single largest institution in the world — the Roman Catholic Church — the pope potentially influences at least the Church’s 1.2 billion members, and perhaps millions of others around the globe. His sway makes it critical… more »

Access this!

The Obama administration’s refusal to grant religiously affiliated institutions a waiver from Obamcare provisions requiring that they provide employees with health insurance covering contraception, the “morning after” pill, and sterilization procedures… more »

False religions, real diversions

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, made news last week when referring to Mormonism as a cult while introducing Texas Governor Rick Perry to the Values Voters Summit. In the past couple of days, Jeffress is doing anything… more »

Global warming debate is not about religion

As I was listening to my new Sirius Satellite radio while driving to my kids’ school last week, I caught a few minutes of the Glenn Beck TV show on Fox News (the audio portion, that is.) During those few minutes, I heard some of the most… more »

Who knows religion best?

Earlier this week, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released the results of an interesting poll, the Religious Knowledge Survey.  They asked over 3,400 adults living in the US a series of 32 multiple-choice questions relating to Christianity,… more »

Thoughts on atheism

H/T Christoper Sanders Over at (not surprisingly), Ron Rosenbaum wrote a piece entitled The Agnostic Manifesto which aims to lay out difference between Rosenbaum’s self-proclaimed agnosticism and my view on such matters, atheism.… more »

Obama and the mosque

At the risk of coming late to the party on this story, I’d like to offer a few brief thoughts on Barack Obama’s getting involved in the issue of the proposed Ground Zero mosque: While Obama (and other Democrats and jihad apologists like… more »

A mulligan for Brit Hume?

I’m a not-particularly-religious Jew living in Boulder, Colorado – a town with America’s only accredited Buddhist university.  How am I supposed to convince my politically moderate non-evangelical friends and neighbors that they can feel comfortable… more »

The Southern Baptist Capitulation

Here's an interesting article by Paul Chesser about the muddled thinking and misinterpretation of the bible underlying the Southern Baptist Convention's acceptance of Algoreism and their playing into global warming alarmism. The Southern Baptist… more »

An Iranian Hanukkah

Thanks to my mother for sending along this article written by a friend of hers, Farideh Goldin, and published in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads Virginia Pilot. It's an appropriate and thought-provoking piece in this time of so much discussion about the… more »
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