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Ending the Economic Error

Barack Obama and his supporters at the Democratic National Convention will mostly avoid the topic of unemployment, as unfavorable a subject as that is for Democrats' reelection chances. Still, we will inevitably hear a mantra like "the trend is in the… more »

DNC causing furloughs of non-union workers for convention

In a solid piece of journalism, is reporting that organizers of the Democratic presidential convention which is to be held in Charlotte, NC, are refusing to offer any contracts to non-unionized shops and further are causing the temporary… more »

Just not quite gay enough; politically-correct readers please stay away

On Tuesday, three bisexual men filed suit in Seattle against the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) because the organization ruled that they were not gay enough to participate in the NAGAAA’s Gay Softball World Series. In… more »

Ross on the radio today (Friday, 8/29)

For those of you who are interested and have the time, please tune in your radio or your web browser to listen as I guest host the Luke Shiltz Program on Newstalk 1310 KFKA in Greeley, Colorado this afternoon from 4 PM to 6 PM Mountain Time. I'll… more »

Immigrants' rights protest march in Denver

On Thursday, members of the Peoples Press Collective along with Hot Air's Jason Mattera caught up with a fairly large march of illegal aliens and their supporters marching to Denver's Lincoln Park. The park was led by Indian- or Aztec-style dancers… more »

Rossputin plays camera man

On Wednesday, I had the chance for a little DNC fun, acting as camera man for Hot Air's Jason Mattera who had dressed up for the day in an orange Guantanamo prisoner jumpsuit and walked around asking people to sign a petition demanding certain things… more »

The DNC Protester Circus

Those of you who read these pages will have seen the first few paragraphs before, but please read my latest article at Human Events about the communists, anarchists, environmental radicals, and just plain-old freaks surrounding the Democratic National… more »

Patting ourselves on the back

Matt Welch of Reason TV interviewed several members of the Peoples Press Collective on Tuesday in Denver's Civic Center Park. more »

Brief update on outside-DNC shenanigans

After a bit of a late start yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon with other members of the intrepid Peoples Press Collective, looking for activists and protesters who were particularly interesting. Hot Air's Jason Mattera did some great under-cover… more »

Monday's sights around the DNC

I jumped into the middle of a protest march in downtown Denver on Monday morning, then spent some time in Civic Center Park, the main coordinating point for the various socialists, anarchists, communists, stoners, and morons who have descended on our… more »