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Thoughts from vacation

On rare occasion, my wife and I get some kid-free time, long enough to take a short trip somewhere. So it was for the past several days with her parents in from Australia, watching the kids at our home, while we drove down to Santa Fe and a nice, relaxi… more »

Jeffrey Goldberg: Obama Hits Syria With Brutal Blast of Adverbs

Proving that the Obama administration is not only incompetent, but comically incompetent (if you will allow my use of an adverb), I offer this simultaneously serious and amusing article by Jeffrey Goldberg:… more »

European election follies

On Sunday, elections were held in France and in Greece. And although the French, who have a large economy, elected a Socialist, the real -- and most dangerous -- news of the day came from the Greek election in which voters gave strong support, though no… more »

Saturday Night Supermoon

On Saturday night, the moon will be near its closest distance to earth of this year, getting as close as 221,802 miles. Since it is the closest full moon this year, this event is called a "Supermoon", which appears 14 percent bigger than when the moon… more »

Civil unions bill passes CO House committee

Congratulations to Colorado Republican House Representative BJ Nikkel who sided with Democrats on the Colorado House Judiciary Committee to approve Senate Bill 2, which would permit same-sex (as long as opposite-sex) civil unions in the state. The Commi… more »

Economic data continues to disappoint

On Wednesday morning, the private payrolls firm ADP reported its monthly estimate of private sector employment conditions. The report, for April, came in with a gain of 119,000 jobs, far below the Bloomberg consensus estimate of 183,000 jobs. The prior… more »

Spiking the bin Laden Football

In May 2011, when asked by CBS News about why he would not release photos of the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama said, "We don't need to spike the football." How much things have changed in a year. As we've approached this week's third ann… more »

Hunger Games Wisdom

Last weekend, Bill Clinton was the featured guest at two fundraisers which brought in a reported $2 million for President Obama's 2012 campaign. As the Daily Caller put it, "Clinton gives Obama $2 million worth of faint praise." Although the current… more »

Paul Ryan, the Catfish-Wrestling Cult Leader

How nice of the New York Times to start their latest front-page Republican hit piece, this time against House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, by describing him as something like an anarchist, OCD, catfish-grabbing redneck cult leader, with other… more »

Mark Steyn: Cuisines from My Stepfather

For today's reading, may I recommend to you this incisive and hilarious piece by Mark Steyn: more »