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The Ross Kaminsky Show, April 29, 2012

On Friday, the public got its first glimpse of the video of police interrigation of former Arapahoe County (Coloraro) Sheriff Pat Sullivan was just released after serving 17 days of a 30 day jail sentence for trading meth for sex. (The man who sold Sull… more »

Scaring the Children

On Friday, in response to President Barack Obama's latest divide-and-conquer tactic, the House of Representatives will vote on a measure to prevent interest rates on subsidized Stafford (college) loans from doubling from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent,… more »

Verrilli's Latest Losing Hand

"It seems to me that the Federal Government just doesn't want to know who is here illegally or not." -- Chief Justice John Roberts Like a poker player who keeps getting dealt nothing better than a pair of threes, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli has… more »

Paul Ryan on polls, taxes, and America's future

This morning, in an interview on CNBC, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) was told by CNBC anchor that a recent poll shows Mitt Romney trailing Barack Obama among Catholics. Without hesitation, Ryan said "Leaders change polls. We don't fo… more »

If I Wanted America to Fail

H/T Mike R. Mitt Romney and every American voter needs to listen carefully, and learn... more »

Janice Rogers Brown Strikes Again (For Liberty)

I've written several times on my web site about Judge Janice Rogers Brown, who was nominated to the federal Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit by President Bush. In my view, Judge Brown is one of the best, and perhaps the best, federal judge in America… more »

Ross on the the radio this week

Hello friends, readers, and listeners, This week, I'll be guest-hosting three times on Denver's NewsRadio 850 KOA. Here's the schedule: Monday: 8:30 PM (roughly) to 11 PM (in for Michael Brown) Tuesday: 9 AM to noon, in for Mike Rosen Friday: 9 AM to… more »

Boulder Holidaze

If you're not a pothead (I'm not) and if you don't live near a pot mecca like Boulder, Colorado (I do), you might not know that today, 4/20, is something of a national holiday for marijuana devotees. It isn't, as urban legend would have you believe, be… more »

Russian Hypocrisy on Afghanistan

It would be funny if it weren't so serious: Russia, which is helping Iran develop its nuclear capabilities, which is supporting the murderous Bashar al Assad in Syria, and which suffered its most ignominious and embarrassing military defeat in Afghanis… more »

A Dark Day for Solar Power

First Solar Corporation was indeed first at something: It was the first solar company to lose more than $15 billion of market value. FSLR's stock plummeted from $140 per share a year ago, and $170 a few weeks before that, to under $21 per share early t… more »