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Were Chrysler dealers targeted based on their politics?

[Update: An interesting analysis over at the fivethirtyeight blog suggests that car dealers are, by a wide margin, more likely to be donors to Republicans than to Democrats, casting some doubt on the “Dealergate” story. The key question… more »

GM bondholders doing the right thing

[Update: On Thursday morning, it appears that GM bondholders have changed their minds and agreed to take 10% of the company in exchange for their debt. Under the plan, if bankruptcy is averted (which is not at all clear it will be even with the… more »

Be careful if you criticize Sotomayor

From the “What country do I live in?” files comes this remarkable story: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs warned people to be “exceedingly careful” in how they criticize President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia… more »

Jeb Bush JUNIOR endorses Marco Rubio in Florida

[Update: Like many others, I feel slightly misled by the released endorsement, which is NOT by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, but by his son, Jeb Bush, Jr. It’s a bad move by the Rubio campaign to put out something which appears to be designed… more »

Obama's dangerous Supreme Court nominee

Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned. Obama has always said that the Constitution is essentially irrelevant, in the sense that it can and should mean whatever the newest, most liberal generation of activists in judges’ robes says it… more »

Biden got one right: Obama is being tested

As Joe Biden predicted during the presidential campaign, Barack Obama has not yet been president for 6 months and he already faced with a fairly important international test posed by North Korea’s apparent nuclear weapon explosion this weekend.… more »

Tom Tancredo calls for marijuana legalization

On Wednesday, at a speech given to the Lincoln Club of Denver, former Congressman Tom Tancredo argued that the violence caused by the profits involved in the drug trade was good reason to consider legalization. Tancredo is hardly a social issues… more »

Obama-man can

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Michael, for sending this along… Who can take tomorrow, spend it all today??? data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">… more »

Chrysler dealer hints at corruption in targeting of dealerships to be closed

Thanks to Greg S for sending this link along. The following letter is taken directly from the web site of Rogers Dodge of Alvin, Texas… May 16, 2009 Dear America, Recently, Chrysler, LLC notified Rogers Dodge, Inc., in Alvin, Texas of… more »

California shows one possible future for our nation

For today’s reading, I offer you my article at discussing how Obama is now leading the nation down the same path that’s led California to disastrous results:… more »