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Leslie Nielsen, RIP

If there's one thing an entertainer should probably do, it's entertain.  And if any actor brought more entertainment and fun to the big and small screens in recent decades more than Leslie Nielsen did, I can't think of him (or her). According to IMBD's… more »

Politico already apologizing for Dem losses

In an article almost pathetic for its transparent bias and excuse-making, the Politico's lead story yesterday was about Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine, with the story entitled "Tim Kaine: Nice guy in a nasty time". The gist of the sto… more »

A new definition of "objective"

In a report on a poll of where people get their news, the liberal-leaning web site offers an apparently new definition of the word "objective". The poll data show that 81% of respondents receive information and news about the mid-term elec… more »

Not really so hip and cool, eh, Obama?

Yesterday, in a commencement speech at Hampton University in southern Virginia, President Obama complained that the media was no longer "a tool of empowerment (or) emancipation" and noted that he didn't know how to use a video game system or an iPod (or… more »

AP can't figure out Times Square bomber's motive

Every once in a while the combination of idiocy and bias in the liberal media stuns even a reader as jaded as me.  This happened yesterday in an AP article my friend Rusty S. pointed out to me entitled "NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery"… more »

Massachusetts isn't the only message - Air America bankrupt again

I've said before and I'll say again: The 2008 elections were, despite Democrats' fond hopes, not a mandate for liberalism in the US.  As if the Massachusetts election weren't enough to prove that, it's pleasing and ironic to see that during the same week… more »

I hope Lou Dobbs doesn't end up at Fox News

Now that Lou Dobbs has resigned from CNN, there is speculation that he might end up at Fox News. I hope not. Mr. Dobbs has consistently demonstrated much more interest in beating a political drum than in explaining and reporting economic issues.  Whil… more »

John Stossel leaving ABC for Fox

In a piece at this morning, John Stossel, ABC's one voice of libertarianism and sanity, announced that he's leaving ABC for a weekly one-hour show on Fox News. I'm a fan of Stossel's work and I understand the frustration he describes havin… more »

Hints of journalistic push-back on global warming propaganda?

Here's an interesting note at about journalists finally getting the courage to object to propaganda produced by the National Science Foundation being printed in media outlets as true journalism. See "Journalists protest Global Warm… more »

LA Times reporter clueless on climate science

In his opinion piece entitled “Global warming bill still contains some smoke and mirrors,” Todd Darling complains about the details of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill while suggesting that its goals are essentially correct because “Now, with Preside… more »
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